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Health Benefits Of Vitamin C

Health Benefits Of Vitamin C

The health benefits of vitamin C goes far beyond keeping a cold at bay.

Everyone thinks of vitamin C as the best vitamin to take to ward off colds. That will certainly help, however, it has other benefits, too. All the health benefits of vitamin C can be gained both by eating foods rich in it as well as taking supplements.

Vitamin C is also known as ascorbic acid. This is most abundant in foods like fruits and vegetables. The vitamin is water-soluble which means that it does not accumulate and remain in the body. It has to be replenished every day for the body to benefit from it.

It is also an excellent antioxidant which helps the body build solid bones, strong connective tissues, and blood vessels. It even helps the skin become healthier, younger looking and more beautiful.

There is growing evidence that it also helps prevent eye diseases and prenatal problems. It can also protect the immune system which is probably what most people associate as its main health benefit. Vitamin C seems to also help prevent cardiovascular disease.

The recommended daily intake of vitamin C is 60 mg from foods. Oranges have about 70 mg of the vitamin per fruit. Strawberries are even more powerful with about 85 mg of vitamin C in one cup of the fruit. These also contain manganese which helps stabilizes blood sugar.

Pineapple is also a great source of vitamin C at about 79 mg a cup. It also contains an enzyme that helps improve digestion. Mangoes are also a delicious and sweet way to add vitamin C to daily and get 122 mg of it while you are enjoying it.

The Health Benefits of Vitamin C Should Not Be Ignored

The suggested amount of fruits or vegetables containing vitamin C is five servings per day. This may not always be convenient to do which is why many doctors say that taking supplements containing vitamin C is important to do. Most supplements are also safe and effective, do your homework.

There is really no way that you can ingest too much of vitamin c like you can with vitamin A. Vitamin C will leave the body, so it is important to replenish it. Even if you go over the daily allowance you will not harm yourself.

A typical vitamin C supplement may contain 500 mg. For some people, this may cause stomach irritation or nausea. These are the only two side effects from lots of vitamin C and they only come after a person takes a supplement rather than consuming fruit or vegetables containing the vitamin.

For adults, it is safe to get about 65 to 90 mg of Vitamin C every day. On the high side, you can consume about 2000 mg of it without any concerns.

Both eating foods and taking supplements will give you the health benefits described above. The health benefits of Vitamin C include helping the body absorb iron. This is great for anyone who has anemia.

You can never eat too many fruits or vegetables containing vitamin C. Enjoy them every day or take a supplement if you prefer.

We offer intravenous vitamin c therapy here at An Oasis of Healing as apart of our comprehensive cancer care program. This therapy challenges cancer at a metabolic level while helping neutralize free radicals.

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