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juicing to fight cancer

Green Juicing To Help Restore Health

Green juicing to help restore your health is incredibly effective.

Our green juicing recipe helps restore your health and stop the further production of cancer cells. We teach you ways to make a very easy delicious green juice that contains anti-oxidants as well as nutrients. Even if you have juiced in the past, this is worth your time and attention.

This is our easy delicious green juice formula which requires 5 stalks of celery, a cucumber, one bunch of kale, one bunch of spinach, half of a granny smith apple, half of a lemon peeled, a 1/4″ piece of fresh ginger root and 5 stalks of fresh parsley.

Do you juice every day? We hope you do. Juicing is a vital part of the recovery process as well as stopping cancer production in your body. At our healing center, it’s an everyday part of exactly what we do.

The advantages of green juice are several, it is the best way to obtain vital nutrients and get them into our body swiftly where they are quickly put to work. Let’s start with kale, it has the greatest quantity of chlorophyll of all the greens and also works the best against the leading 5 cancers which are breast cancer, ovarian cancer, prostate cancer, colon cancer and also bladder cancer.

Next is spinach which additionally is loaded with chlorophyll as well as has 40 % protein and a good amount of fiber. Consuming spinach will help answer the common question of where do you get your protein.

Celery is a terrific organic sodium and aids in detoxing the body and cucumber which is another wonderful detoxifier for the body. We include half of a granny smith apple so not excessive as it helps take the edge off all the strong greens. The granny smith apple is also a reduced glycemic option compared to red apples.

Next is parsley which is a wonderful detoxifier and also is remarkable for drawing out heavy metals in our body. A little ginger is added as it aids with nausea and also has been known for being a big help with sea sickness. And finally lemon is included for its alkalizing positive effects.

Once you have made your green juice, it’s always advisable to drink it as soon after it is made as possible for maximum health benefits. We encourage you to consume one to two quarts a day of this healthy green juice during your cancer therapy and overall wellness approach.

Here is our green juicing recipe to help restore your health given in this video.

A health fact for you. Fasting is allowing the body to do what it was designed to do, heal. Allowing your gastrointestinal (GI) tract to rest can repair the ‘leaks’ that have built up over time in the intestinal walls from overeating, eating unhealthy foods, and too frequent eating. Post green juice feast, when eating is resumed (after finishing the fast), the GI tract functions the way it was designed. Food is more efficiently absorbed and assimilated in the body and less toxic waste is produced. Also, as stated, ‘resting’ the gastrointestinal tract allows the immune system to focus on defending your body against foreign invaders.