1. What makes An Oasis of Healing different from other cancer treatment centers?
  2. What is integrative oncology?
  3. Will I lose my hair?
  4. Who is my doctor?
  5. Why are the lifestyle modification aspects of the program so important?
  6. Are meals and juice provided as part of the program?
  7. Can I bring a family member or caregiver? Can different companions visit during my stay?
  8. Do I have to travel to Mexico?
  9. What should I pack to bring?
  10. What happens when I go home? What do I do after I complete my program at Oasis? Do you have a home program?  How do I do my therapies at home?  Once I return home, who can I call if I have a question?  Will I need to come back?


  1. Do you accept insurance? Will insurance pay for treatments?  Can I use my medical insurance to pay for my treatments?


  1. How long does the program take?
  2. How will you know if my program is working?
  3. Does the program work for everyone?
  4. If I am unable to travel, do you work with people long distance?
  5. Do I need to keep my relationship with my oncologist and/or my primary care doctor? Will you work with my doctor when I return home?  What if I don’t have a doctor at home who does integrative medicine?


  1. Do you work with people while they are undergoing conventional cancer treatment?
  2. Can I still become a patient if I have had multiple rounds of chemotherapy and radiation?
  3. Since you are an out patient center, where do I stay?
  4. Should I bring my current medications and supplements?
  5. Are previous medical records required?