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Exercise and Cancer Treatments

Exercise And Cancer Treatments

Exercise and cancer treatments, does more physical activity help support the immune system during treatments for cancer?

The answer is yes, exercise helps support and boost the immune system, especially exercise with oxygen therapy. And, we are not talking about intense exercise like that needed to compete in America Ninja Warrior. We are talking about moderate physical activity that engages muscles, boosts your heart rate and gets the blood pumping.

In the past, cancer patients have been told to reduce their physical activity by their doctors. However, the latest research on the subjects reveals that exercise is safe and helps improve the quality of life of people with cancer over time. On the other hand, too much rest may lead to weak muscles, loss of body functions, and a reduced range of motion.

That is why the majority of health care providers are requesting their patients to become physically active during cancer treatments. This article provides information on exercise and cancer treatments.

There are many ways that physical activity can help a person during cancer treatments. Here are some of the benefits of exercise during cancer treatments.

Lessen nausea
Lessen symptoms such as tiredness
Make the patient less dependent on others for his/her daily living
Lower the risk of falls by improving the balance of the patient
Improve the bodily functions of the person with cancer
Lower the risk of osteoporosis
Lower the risk of depression and anxiety
Lower the risk of heart diseases
Improve the blood circulation of the person and reduce the risk of blood clots
Help the patient control his/her weight
Improve the overall quality of life of the person
Improve the ability of the person to keep in touch with their friends and family
Improve the self-esteem of the person dealing with cancer

Exercise and Cancer Treatments Should Go Hand in Hand

Although there are many advantages of physical activity during cancer treatments, a person’s exercise regimen should consist of workouts that are safe and ideal for that individual. It should be tailored according to the physical issues that limit your movements.

There are other factors that can affect the person’s ability to workout on a regular basis. Some of them include the fitness level, stage of cancer, and type of treatment of the person dealing with cancer.

If you exercised a lot before treatment, you might have to reduce the frequency and intensity of the exercise regimen. On the other hand, if you have been very sedentary in the past, you may have to start with low-intensity short activities such as slow walks.

For older patients who suffer from osteoporosis or arthritis, safety and balance should be considered when devising the right exercise regimen for them. This will help reduce the risk of falls and injuries over time.

Most people with cancer can have better results with an exercise specialist. In fact, you need to get your health care provider’s okay first before deciding to hire a qualified and experienced exercise specialist to devise the right workout plan for you.

The exercise specialist who works with you should know about your cancer diagnosis and treatments when devising the right exercise plan for you. These are important things to consider when designing a professional exercise program for a person with cancer.

In conclusion, although people with cancer have been told to reduce their physical activities in the past, the latest research reveals otherwise. Physical activity helps the people with cancer recover faster. At An Oasis of Healing, we have several forms of exercise designed specifically for each person in order to maximize their individual results.

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