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Dr Thomas Lodi Patient StoryDr Thomas Lodi Patient Story

This is my personal story of my mother who was a patient of Dr. Thomas Lodi and An Oasis Of Healing.

My name is Russ Curran. I brought my mother to An Oasis Of Healing to be treated by Dr. Thomas Lodi and his integrative alternative cancer treatments that take place at his healing center.

I want to provide some history on my mother so you understand why we chose Dr. Thomas Lodi’s alternative cancer healing clinic in Mesa, AZ. Back in 2000, my mother was diagnosed with lung cancer and I was scared because I feared cancer and knew very little about it. As a result of that fear I had, the fear my mother had and the rest of my family, we listened to her doctors and underwent the typical cut, burn and poison method of treatment, better known as surgery, radiation and chemotherapy.

The critical turning point for me back in 2000 and why I ultimately ended up at Dr. Lodi’s An Oasis Of Healing nine years later, is the result of one simple question that I had asked my mom’s oncologist. Knowing what my mother was about to go through with the chemotherapy and radiation treatments and the surgery to remove her lung, I asked him what we needed to do at home from a nutritional aspect to support the harsh treatments she was about to begin, he stated, “nutrition has nothing to do with cancer”!

Wait a minute, what? And therein lies the problem with the entire system, the medical industry doesn’t teach health, they teach “disease management”. That statement by my mother’s oncologist launched me on my way to learn everything I could about the human body, how cancer developed and how to stop making it. I watched my mother go through those terrible treatments with her losing her hair and vomiting and becoming weaker by the day it drove me to learn everything I possibly could to help her.

My mom survived despite the treatments. Most people don’t realize that chemotherapy and radiation are carcinogenic. In other words, they can cause cancer all on their own. Cancer has a high recurrence rate and I needed to be ready if she ever had to battle it again. All of my research brought me to Dr Thomas Lodi and An Oasis Of Healing. I knew exactly what to do if cancer ever reared its ugly head again.

Well, cancer did return and this time it was colon cancer. My mother did not lead a healthy lifestyle prior to or after the original treatments in 2000. She wasn’t taking her sons advice during those nine years I was trying to teach her after what she went through. That unhealthy lifestyle lead to the colon cancer and we immediately called Dr Thomas Lodi and wanted to employ his integrative oncology genius.

All of the cancer treatments used at An Oasis Of Healing work in harmony with the body, there is no harm done to the body. This is the exact inverse of what happens at a conventional cancer center with a traditional oncologist. It was inspiring to witness someone sick with cancer getting stronger daily, not weaker!

Upon arriving at the clinic, my mother was on fluid pills for her ankles, high blood pressure pills, antacids and she had painful arthritis in both hips so even walking was a struggle. After just six weeks at Dr. Lodi’s An Oasis Of Healing’s alternative cancer clinic, my mother was 50 pounds lighter, no longer had high blood pressure, the fluid in her ankles disappeared and the arthritis in her hips vanished. Oh and yes, she no longer had a need for antacids.

Watch my Dr Thomas Lodi patient story here to learn more about treatments my mother actually enjoyed while she was there.

She increased her strength daily and smiled every moment of every day while at the healing center.

I can’t thank Dr Thomas Lodi and his professional well trained caring staff at An Oasis Of Healing enough for how they treated my mother and the results they helped her produce! The most important piece we were able to take home with us was knowing how to live this lifestyle at home that we were taught at this wonderful healing center.

With warm regards,

Russ Curran