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Integrative Oncology Review

Dr Thomas Lodi Offers An Integrative Oncology Review

We wanted to share an integrative oncology review written by Dr. Thomas Lodi. 

This article touches on what a unique and specialized center we are when it comes to dealing with cancer. One should not fight nature once diagnosed with cancer. We teach people how to harmonize with nature both in lifestyle and dietary choices. Once the body is in harmony with nature, healing occurs and health is restored. Enjoy the article.

This is an integrative oncology review of our healing clinic which is an Arizona Cancer Center helping people from all around the US and abroad.

The healing center was founded over 10 years ago now. The founder, Dr. Lodi, had a goal to bring together the best healing therapies and modalities from around the world. That original goal has been achieved. Looking at an integrative oncology review it’s easy to see the additions and expanion on what works for the benefit of the people who visit this center.

The focus is on alternative cancer treatments that challenge the cancer cells at a metabolic level. Why is this important? It brings about natural cell death of the cancer cells or an apoptotic death.

Conducting an integrative oncology review of our therapies would show how we approach things from a metabolic point of view. This is natural way to heal from cancer. It prevents all of the harsh toxic treatments used in the conventional world which are quite barbaric.

People who have visited An Oasis of Healing have generally done their homework and reviewed several other cancer treatment centers as well. Here is some feedback from some of those visitors before they choose our healing clinic. “Conventional oncology wards have patients that look truly sickly in an extremely sterilized atmosphere.”

Also, these visitors actually had a thorough understanding of the ill-advised emphasis of the conventional cancer sector as they concentrate on symptoms in every field of medicine. Conversely, we have an interest in healing the root cause and restoring the body to health.

The body desires nothing greater than to save us. Until we get it together and transform our everyday way of living, cancer will continue. It’s not the adversary, it’s a warning mechanism.

Integrative Oncology Review Of An Oasis Of Healing Which Is An Arizona Cancer Center

Additionally, here is some feedback from some visitors of their first impression when walking in through the front doors of the center. “Upon walking into the center, it’s so inviting and also there’s much happening. You can’t miss smell of the juices being freshly pressed and people are relaxing in reclining chairs. Many do not even look like patients that are sick. Some were certainly not well, however, they just appeared to be a lot more comfy.”

A challenge all visitors are confronted with using integrative oncology and selecting alternate cancer therapies over standard methods is embracing a brand-new way of living. An Oasis Of Healing helps individuals and family members bring this brand-new way of life home and how to apply it.

We have actually found that homes that support the family member affected by cancer by accepting this brand-new way of living benefit as well. The wellness of the entire household is boosted greatly when this way of living is accepted and implemented.

Individuals that come to visit our recovery facility are taught how the body can self-heal. People simply need to discover how to let the body do its healing thing and stay out of the way. Our center demonstrates how this is done. We also supply the resources that challenge cancer cells metabolically while bringing no harm to healthy cells.

We provide individualized therapy especially made for an individual’s circumstance which offers the most effective chance to restore health.

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