Dr. Lisa Barrett Interviews Dr. Thomas Lodi

Dr. Lisa Barrett Interviews Dr. Lodi

In this ‘Treating Cancer with an Integrative, Alternative and Nutritional Approach’ interview, Dr. Lisa asked a lot of great questions about cancer, such as:

  • what lead Dr. Lodi to practice integrative and alternative medicine
  • why do we have so much cancer in our society
  • why do we need detoxification and how to go about it
  • what is the connection between the toxicity or issues in the mouth and cancer
  • what is the difference between different types of cancer
  • what kind of treatments does Dr. Lodi use
  • does Dr. Lodi recommend surgery and under what circumstances
  • how to stimulate the immune system best
  • and much more…

Listen to the interview now:  http://thehealthrevolutionist.com/experts/drthomaslodi/