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DMSO Benefits

DMSO Benefits Are Numerous And Amazing

DMSO benefits are far reaching from an anti-inflammatory to helping people with cancer.

Many have heard of DMSO benefits. Dimethyl sulfoxide is a by-product that is derived from paper making. It’s found in wood and has been used as a solvent for industries since the mid-1800s. At some point in the mid-20th century, scientists began to research DMSO and its many benefits.

Discovering that it has anti-inflammatory properties it soon became touted as a far better alternative to pharmaceutical drugs. Readily available, it is easily extracted from wood, coal, and oil (typically lignin). This is how it cements cells together in the trees of the forest. It’s inexpensive and frequently used to simply dab on the skin. It can also be mixed in with other skin care products. The DMSO then penetrates the skin and enters the bloodstream where it works on all areas of the body.

Using DMSO alongside alternative cancer treatments, what has been discovered that it helps target and eliminate cancer cells and does no damage to those cells in the body that aren’t cancer cells. This, along with the anti-inflammatory capabilities of DMSO makes it an ideal companion treatment for cancer.

Other benefits include treating strokes, where it works to dissolve the clots that block arteries. When doctors administer it via intravenous means within just a few short hours of a stroke, patients have a higher rate of recovery. Applied to the skin, it works to ease sore muscles, joints, and skin lesions. It also works to reduce scaring and on nails to eradicate fungus. The sooner after an injury that the DMSO is applied, the sooner the body begins to heal.

DMSO Benefits even help with spinal cord injuries

People who sustain head or spinal cord injuries have seen results when their doctors give them an intravenous dose of DMSO shortly after their injury. According to research, the sooner this is given the more likely the person is to recover with no residual side effects such as paralysis.

Heart patients who have had a heart attack or struggle with severe angina attacks have found great relief when given DMSO by IV. Since the DMSO-dissolves blood clots and works to clear arteries, patients are given a better prognosis.

Alzheimer and Parkinson’s patients have found relief from trembling when they are given DMSO. It crosses the blood barrier to the brain and works as dopamine to help reduce trembling and it can help regenerate portions of the brain where damage has occurred and caused damage. For those who suffer easily from viruses, the DMSO works in conjunction with antibiotics to dissolve the proteins surrounding the viruses and render them inert. People will recover more quickly.

Dentists who apply it on their patient’s sore gums and teeth report that their patients are recovering more quickly and report fewer gum infections. Anyone who has suffered from a painful bout of gout, corns or calluses on their feet will appreciate the fact that it helps reduce painful foot conditions and works to heal the injured area. DMSO has established itself as a more effective and safer choice than synthetic drugs and clearly shows the many DMSO Benefits that patients are reporting.