Cure to Cancer Summit


Join Dr. Thomas Lodi in one of the most comprehensive and integrative international online summit on cancer and it’s possible cures.

The Cure to Cancer Summit will be featuring Dr. Lodi and other world experts in the area of cancer, cancer research, health, healing, and vital living, who will share with you the most up to date and fascinating information on integrative solutions to cancer.

The amazing information shared at this Summit is Free!


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The Summit Presents:

  • Dr. Thomas Lodi – founder of An Oasis of Healing, Alternative Cancer Treatment Center in Mesa, AZ
  • Dr. Gabriel Cousens M.D – founder and director of the Tree of Life Foundation
  • Dr. Robert Young – widely recognized as one of the top research scientists in the world
  • Markus Rothkranz – creator of the World Health Project – healing the world and awakening
the planet to a new way of living in body, mind and spirit
  • Dr. Janet Hranicky, Ph.D. – Founder and President of The American Health Institute, Inc.

Ty Bollinger: a health freedom advocate, cancer researcher, former competitive bodybuilder and author

Dr. Leigh Erin Connealy, M.D. – physician in Southern California focusing on cancer treatments
  • Burton Goldberg: best-selling Alternative Medicine: The Definitive Guide, produced by his own publishing company.

And many others!

The expert speakers will share: 

  • A variety of alternative cancer therapies you’ve probably never heard about
  • An array of integrative approaches that combine conventional and complementary treatments
  • Natural healing approaches to reverse disease or avoid it in the first place
  • Shocking cancer facts and statistics
  • How to balance your PH levels – a key to reversing chronic illness
  • A variety of nutritional approaches to healing
  • How dental toxicity can contribute to degenerative disease
  • The power of a mind/body approach to healing from cancer
  • How emotions play a major role in the onset of cancer
  • How to shift your consciousness to facilitate healing
  • The role of spiritual healing in reversing cancer
  • Cancer survivor secrets to activating your inner guide
  • How regeneration can keep you healthy beyond the age of 100
  • And so much more!

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