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Colon Cleansing Therapy With Two Effective Methods

Colon cleansing therapy is an important part of detoxification.

Another aspect of our detoxification program at An Oasis of Healing is our colon cleansing therapy. Our therapies for colon cleansing consists of colon hydrotherapy and coffee enemas.

Let’s start by talking about coffee enemas. They are an excellent way to detoxify the body. A 1982 study put out by the US National Research Council showed that using a coffee enema can reduce the toxic load in the body by over seven hundred percent.

When coffee is used in the rectum it will help stimulate the Glutathione S Transferase enzyme. This allows the liver to excrete toxins out of the body through the rectum. This is a favorable method as it is non-invasive.

Another benefit of coffee enemas is the alkalizing of the gut. When the gut becomes alkalized it creates an environment that is unfriendly to parasites and bacteria. This also helps metabolism as it balances the alkaline/acid ratio.

The sympathetic nervous system is calmed down due to having coffee enemas. This helps everyone who does these enemas to experience more happiness and joy, feeling less anxious and less nervous tension.

It helps to eliminate people from feeling irritated. They are a fantastic way to help heal the gut lining, and everything gets cleared out.

Colon cleansing therapy via coffee enemas removes pesticides, xenoestrogens, and heavy metals. Another benefit is the removal of chemo agents, so they don’t accumulate in healthy tissues.

If people were to choose the route of chemotherapy, coffee enemas, help eliminate the symptoms of chemo. If you happen to have a headache or maybe feel nausea, an enema is the answer.

Toxic overload in the body is the reason for these symptoms. We use this adjunct therapy as part of our integrated cancer care program.

Therapies for Colon Cleansing are Vital in removing Toxins and Improving Bowel Function

This therapy has been shown to detoxify the body and more importantly, the liver. While attempting to heal from cancer this is a key piece of the overall protocol.

Now, let’s review colon hydrotherapy. Coffee enemas and colon hydrotherapy are similar in that they provide a cleansing detoxifying procedure for the gut. However, they are in fact different in how they are performed.

Colon hydrotherapy moves water through the entire large intestines and does a deeper clean throughout the intestines. This is done to not just clean out what is inside the intestines but also to stimulate the immune system.

The lymphatic system empties out into the small intestine. By stimulating the immune system inside the small intestines, it pushes the cellular waste through the small intestines and then flushes it out through the large intestines.

By having impacted fecal matter inside the colon, you are actually containing all of the cellular waste that you want to get out of your system. Impacted fecal matter can actually inflame the liver and bile duct and prevent a healthy flow from this duct.

Having an inflamed liver and a bile duct that isn’t flowing will cause more inflammation within the entire body which prevents detoxification. Colon hydrotherapy is vital to keeping things cleared out and maintain a healthy flow.

This therapy also helps to rehydrate the body as the intestines are very absorbent. Having the water come into the intestines and then out helps to change the entire balance of fluid in the body which is a positive.

If the cells aren’t hydrated, they become acidic which is promoting more of a cancerous environment. Colon hydrotherapy helps to retrain the gut. It is being taught how to move things out and increase the muscular control within the large intestines.

It’s important to employ both coffee enemas and colon hydrotherapy to remove toxins effectively and to provide healthy bowel function.

Reach out to us today if you or a loved one are dealing with cancer. We can help answer your questions and provide clear direction on what steps need to be taken.

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