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Coffee Enema Detox

Coffee Enema Detox

A coffee enema detox is a wonderful way to eliminate toxins from your system.

We wanted to cover today another aspect of our detoxification program at An Oasis of Healing, coffee enemas. A coffee enema detox is an effective method to rid your body of toxins.

In 1982 the US National Research Council did a study showing that if you use coffee rectally as a coffee enema you reduce systemic toxicity by 700%! That is a sizeable number and should not be ignored.

When you take coffee rectally it stimulates an enzyme in the body called Glutathione S Transferase. This enables your liver to flush out toxins and allows them to be carried out of the body rectally.

Using Glutathione S Transferase to actually detoxify the system is an excellent way because it forces toxins out of the body in a natural way. It does this without doing anything invasive.

This way, the body doesn’t become stressed and it employs a natural enzyme that’s occurring within the liver. Additionally, coffee enemas help alkalize the gut. By alkalizing the gut, it creates a very inhospitable environment for unhealthy bacteria and for parasites.

It also helps create a healthy acid/alkaline balance within the body so that there is not a disruption with metabolism. Interestingly, in Chinese medicine, they say that the liver holds anger.

We have found that it’s not just anger that is stored in the liver, it’s also things like toxins that get stuck in the liver. This tends to create a variety of emotions like anger, stress, happiness, and depression.

A Coffee Enema Detox is a Key Piece in Restoring Health

Doing a coffee enema detox help calm down the sympathetic nervous system enabling people to feel more joy, less depression, less anxious and reducing overall nervous tension.

It helps get rid of this angry, irritated feeling that a person may be going through. Ultimately coffee enemas are an excellent way that someone can help prime their gut lining, heal the lining and clear things out.

This therapy helps clear out pesticides, heavy metals, xenoestrogens or anything that is harmful that you might be exposed to in your environment. It has also been shown to help eliminate side effects of chemo agents.

People can reduce or eliminate these symptoms of chemotherapy by using the coffee enemas. If someone were feeling nauseous or had a headache, a coffee enema could be the way to go.

A person might be feeling these symptoms simply because of toxicity in their body. At An Oasis of Healing, we use a coffee enema detox as an adjunct therapy as part of our Comprehensive Cancer Care Program.

It has proved to be effective in the overall detoxification of the body and specifically the liver. This is an important aspect of healing from cancer while undergoing treatments.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you or a loved one is dealing with cancer and you are not sure of what to do next. We can help quickly get you on a path to healing and true health.

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