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cancer is no match for the healing power of nature

Cancer Is No Match For The Healing Power Of Nature

Cancer is no match for the healing power of nature and we need to understand that we are in fact a part of nature.

My name is Thomas Lodi. I’m a trained medical doctor and I practiced conventional medicine for about ten years until I came to the realization that I tried to deny for a long-time and that is that it doesn’t work.

I had read a book called Medical Miracle. When I read that book and I closed it at the end I could no longer ethically practice conventional medicine. From there, I went around the world and I studied and lived in different places and I now practice a form of integrative medicine. I don’t throw any of it out if it works.

The foundation of what I do is an absolute reverence, respect, and awe of nature. Because I look at nature is a physical manifestation of the divine and all things come from it. We were not designed to fall apart at sixty.

What I do now, so my practice has narrowed to cancer and I love cancer. The reason I love cancer is because in the vast majority of people with cancer, it is the most powerful divine tap on the shoulder.

I’m the guy in the forest pointing “this path, not that path”. My job is to educate and point them towards the right path. The word doctor comes from Latin meaning teacher.

That’s the best I could ever hope to be is a teacher. I’m reminding everyone that we are really products of nature and therefore we respond to the biological parameters which define us. The body is a divine body and it will heal. That’s what it does. Cut it, it heals.

We work with people with cancer and we usually get people that have already had advanced stages, and they’ve been through surgery, radiation and chemo, and they are basically told that they have “X” amount of time to live. Unfortunately, most people believe it, and they sometimes die on cue.

You’re going to die at three months, and they die at three months. It turns out not to be true. Does it make sense if I told you, you know you’re really sick, I’ve got an idea, let me poison you. Nobody in their right mind would do that. So we don’t fight cancer. What we do is, we support health at our healing center.

Dr. Lodi further explains why cancer is no match for the healing power of nature

The profession in which I’m blessed to have been trained in it, but I can’t do anymore, wants us all to believe that there are a million diseases, which implies there are a million different causes which implies there’s a million different cures. Their fundamental premise is wrong. That which is required to be restored to health, the same is required to maintain health, and health is our natural state.

People get better because we are a healing center not a treatment facility. In a treatment facility the implication is that the patient is helpless, stupid, and they’re treated by the wise, all-powerful doctor. They come in and they sit back and they get treated.

Well, that’s not it. Because there’s no ‘it’ to treat. It’s a place to come and heal and that’s we’re working on at An Oasis Of Healing.