Cancer Is A Metabolic Dysfunction

Insights From An Oasis of Healing Metabolic Dysfunction In Cancer

Metabolic Dysfunction in Cancer is where the cells lack the ability to produce energy thus causing cancer.

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Keynotes from our Plan of Care Meeting – Discussing Metabolic Dysfunction in Cancer

Cancer is a heterogeneous group of various different cells within the same tumor. These cells exist inside the tumor and also exist outside the tumor. The original way of thinking had us believe that a cancer tumor would get to a specific size and then satellite cells would be sent out. They would either be metastatic cells or cancer stem cells.

We now know that early on, even when a tumor is very small in size, this process continues. We know cancer is a metabolic disease. Genetic effects that are discussed in the medical mainstream do not represent the cause of cancer.

Genetic effects as the results and impact of cancer, they are not the cause. Metabolic dysfunction is the cause of cancer.

What does metabolism mean? What does the word metabolic mean? The definition of these words refers to the ability at a cellular level to make energy. Dr. Thomas Lodi talks about voltage a lot and for good reason. After all, life is energy.

Energy doesn’t refer to whether you are fatigued or not. Energy is about whether you can generate and maintain a charge or “voltage” which directly relates to the cells ability to make energy. This is the essence of life.

If a cell has the ability to make energy, then it can heal, and it can repair. Cells will have the ability to destroy things that could potentially damage it.

If cells aren’t able to make energy, they will die. If the cell dies, the tissue will die and if the tissue dies, then organs will die. And if an organ dies, then an organism dies, this process is called metabolism.

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