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cancer in an alkaline environment

Cancer In An Alkaline Environment

Cancer in an alkaline environment, can it survive?

Is it true that cancer cells cannot live in alkaline tissues? Yes, absolutely that’s true. Also as a matter of fact all cells have an optimal PH, which is acid  alkaline, and an optimal temperature at which they function.

For example, if your body is chilled down to 90 degrees, you’re not going to be moving around, even at 93 or 92 degrees you won’t be moving.

When I was doing my residency, my internship, we used to have people come in from Central Park who had been out in the cold and fallen asleep. We had to heat them up before we could know if they were alive or not. You can’t pronounce someone dead if they’re alive, so we had to actually heat them up.

So there’s a bottom temperature and an upper temperature and the same with alkaline and acid. Our body functions best at a PH of 7.4. When you get up to 7.5 or 7.6 cancer cells just can’t do their thing and will not survive. Part of their a cancer cells whole metabolic requirement is acid production, and they can’t produce those acids in an alkaline environment.

Did you ever try to stick your head out of the window while your car’s going 60 miles an hour with your face facing toward the direction you’re driving into and try to breathe? You can’t breathe. You have to turn your head to the side, it’s like too much air. Well, it’s the same thing with the alkalinity. The cancer cells just can’t function at that high of a ph.

The whole trick is how do you do that? How do you make all the cells in your body alkaline, and that’s something we need to go into and again that’s a whole other discussion.

Cancer In An Alkaline Environment What’s Important To Understand

Here’s another question that comes up often,  if we ingest mostly alkaline food will that reduce the risk of getting cancer?

Eating alkaline rich organic foods will certainly contribute to a more alkaline environment in the body which does reduce the risk of getting cancer. However,  it’s not the only factor that plays into this, we have to remember the things that will produce such an environment or take away from it.

Emotions can cause adrenaline which is epinephrine, it can cause cortisol, it can change our biochemistry. It could start burning too much glucose, and produce acid, so it’s more than just food, that’s why living a balance lifestyle is key keeping emotions and stress at a manageable level.

Here’s the other view of that too, a different perspective. The more that you eat that is alkalizing, the better of mood you’ll be in which means the less likely you are to get upset. It also means you’ll be more compassionate, more understanding, and things will become more clear to you. You’re not going to get mad at someone for cutting you off in traffic, you’ll bless them and you’ll say, you know, ‘you need it more than me, please go ahead of me.

Conversely,  if your body is more acidic and a fly comes in the room buzzing around, you’re going to scream at the fly, and chase it. You’ll get all upset, you know, so our emotions effect our PH, and our PH effects our emotions.

The first thing that you can do with your health is address that which you can see and that which you can see is your body. It’s hard to see your emotions, it’s hard to see your mind, hard to see your spirit, but you can see your body. So let’s start with the body.

Feed it alkaline food, clean out the colon, and make sure you’ve got the PH up. But, just keep in mind that there are other things that do effect the PH.