Cancer Cells vs Cancer Stem Cells

Insights from An Oasis of HealingStem Cell Activity Versus Cancer Stem Cells

Cancer cell activity versus cancer stem cells – it’s important to learn the difference between the two.

In a new video, Dr. Nathan Goodyear, discusses stem cell activity versus cancer stem cells, as part of a weekly in-house staff education program. The team tackles cancer-related topics and how An Oasis of Healing’s comprehensive cancer care program makes an impact on patients and their overall healing.

So, what are cancer stem cells?

According to research, not all cancer cells are the same. The “stem cell theory” of cancer states that, among all the cancer cells, there are a few that “act as stem cells.” These cells “reproduce themselves and sustain cancer.” Cancer stem cells can affect the way anti-cancer therapies are evaluated. Shrinking the tumors will no longer be just enough because if cancer stem cells persist, the tumor can soon grow back, and this time, it may be much more resistant to therapy.

These cancer stem cells may also be the main culprit behind metastases—which is the spread of cancer from one part of the body to another. They can also act as a “reservoir of cancer cells” which can lead to relapse after traditional cancer treatment methods such as chemotherapy and radiation.

Dr. Goodyear explained, “Cancer cells that lack stem activity versus cancer stem cells are very different. They both can use the ‘Warburg Effect’ and some cancer stem cells can use protein and fats and not just rely on sugar. Cancer cells are highly metabolic. Cancer stem cells are not. Again, remember, cancer stem cells are the ultimate backup. They are the backup and the sequel you want no part of.”

The ‘Warburg Effect’ is the cellular phenomenon observed by Otto Warburg and his colleagues in the 1920s. They found that driven by “glucose uptake and fermentation of glucose to lactate,” cancer cells are able to “rewire their metabolism” so that they can grow, spread and survive.

“When you look at normal cancer cells that lack stem activity, they produce lots of oxidative stress. That’s good and it can be used against them,” he added. “This is why chemo, radiation and high-dose IV Vitamin C are used.”

Dr. Goodyear noted that An Oasis of Healing does not use radiation or full-dose chemotherapy. The alternative cancer care center uses targeted IPT (insulin potentiation therapy) to create oxidative stress, which will overwhelm the cancer cells that lack stem activity and cause them to die.

Cancer stem cells, on the other hand, have very low oxidative stress.

They can survive therapies, so it is crucial to “overwhelm them with oxidative stress which induces cell death.” He furthered, “Cancer stem cells can produce more enzymes that can reduce the oxidative stress.

Cancer cells lack glutathione, catalase, and thioredoxin. Conversely, cancer stem cells actually make more of these. Using the BEMER machine helps deliver oxygen to the cells. This is why ozone therapies are so effective. We are simply improving the delivery of oxygen to the cells.”

Dr. Goodyear also made an important reminder to the care team as well as to patients and their families. “It’s important to understand that there isn’t one thing that causes cancer and there isn’t one thing that treats it. Cancer is a collection of things that happen to an individual,” he said. “Through this continuous learning process, we hope we can empower each other with our shared knowledge and experience.”

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