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Cancer and Inflammation

I have come to view cancer as I view all conditions that deviate from optimal functioning, the only real definition of health. A tumor is a biochemical relationship between blood vessels, connective tissue and malignant (mutated, anaerobic cells). These three tissue types “talk” to each other and provide mutual support for their maintenance, which is why I have never found it useful to send a blood sample to Greece or Germany where they evaluate the genetic capabilities of circulating tumor cells in an effort to elucidate potential “treatment” options from chemotherapy to natural substances.

It overlooks the epigenetic phenomena and the cytokine relationship between the three tissues. If one were to look at the cytokines and interleukins being secreted by a tumor and a healing wound, they would be found to be the same. Both produce pro-angiogenic cytokines and tissue proliferation cytokines.

Cancer has been referred to the, “the wound that wouldn’t heal”. These cytokine are all in the inflammatory family, which demonstrates that “cancer” is just one of the many endpoints of chronic inflammation. Eating only living plant material results in a human biochemical condition, which completely and effectively keep the inflammatory/anti-inflammatory ratio in a harmonic resonance that is necessary for optimal functioning.

Inflammation is how the body heals and is the fundamental pathology in all “disease”. For this reason, going to “war against cancer” is an attempt to eliminate what the body is doing to maintain homeostasis is completely antithetical to healing and indicates that allopathy should be put on the shelf forever and under the heading of one of humanities greatest failures.

The underlying premise is that health is impossible and disease is inevitable. This is so ingrained into our collective psyches that we buy insurance and prepare for disease our whole lives instead of preparing for a life of sustained vigor and a robust old age, well into a second or third century. This only seems ridiculous because we have come to accept morbidity as normal and premature aging and death as normal. The truth is that the scientists who study aging (MDs, PhDs, NMDs) cannot explain why it is that we die so young.

It is not “written” into our genes.