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Cancer and Diet: Foods that cause cancer

By now we all must recognize the elephant in the room that is the link between diet, lifestyle, and cancer risk.

It is printed as a warning on packages of ‘food’ (processed, packaged, convenient, fast, food-like-stuff, AKA Standard American Diet) and on all forms of tobacco. Because of the carcinogens contained in our ‘food’ and the depletion of nutrients from processing food, we have reached a point where nearly half of all Americans will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime.

The sources of carcinogens in the Standard American Diet (SAD) are from food additives, food processing, and food preparation. Artificial red food coloring can keep processed food looking fresher than they really are. Heat processing of fat together with amino acids is behind the formation of the carcinogens (grilling food), acrylamide (boiling or frying potatoes), and nitrosamine (from frying) in potatoes and in hot dogs respectively.

There is a clear link between GMO grains, changes in our intestinal microbial makeup, and the recent increase in human immune system problems. Consider the case of enriched wheat flour, which a few years after its introduction, required B vitamin enrichment because consumers were getting B vitamin deficiency diseases like pellagra and beriberi. This should be seen as the first sign that processing of food depletes nutrients. Whenever food is heated above 118 degrees Fahrenheit, its living enzymes are all destroyed taking away much of what the sun’s energy through nature made for us. Next consider the addition of agricultural pesticides to increase the per acre production of grains as a possible source of carcinogens. Here should also be mentioned genetically modified organisms (GMOs), particularly the genetic modification of North American soy, corn, canola, and cotton crops.
Here are a few of the most carcinogen laden foods. These are the foods you most definitely want to avoid 100% of the time:

ALL animal products are known to be carcinogenic and known to contribute to the disease state. Did you know that ALL processed animal flesh, including hot dogs and lunch meats, contain saturated fats (remember these fats are solid at body temperature and the leanest cuts of animal flesh are still 40% fat!), growth factors from injections into cows (bovine growth factor), pesticide residue from consuming GMO soy, corn, and animals that ate those things, and antibiotics from the ranchers needed to suppress gut bacteria overgrowth in grain fed cows (this is unnatural as cows were meant to eat grass). Processing adds sodium nitrite and artificial red ‘food’ coloring (both of which are toxic in our bodies). No part of the cow is discarded when it comes to what goes into our food supply, except for maybe their hooves and hide (includes feces and brain matter).

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Fish are absolutely animal flesh! There is nothing different about eating a cow, a fish, or even a chicken for that matter. There are NO shades of grey here. We were NOT designed to eat anything from an animal and all effects are the same. It doesn’t matter if its farm raised or wild caught! Our oceans are polluted as well as the farms. Because of their feed source and the waters where farming is done, the fish flesh contains high levels of PCBs, flame retardants, and heavy metals. They are swimming in a crowd of other fish, breathing their waste, restricting movement, and their sources of food which may include animal byproducts and GMO source soy and corn. Then we take them home and fry them up with all these toxins and dipped in a GMO corn batter preparation. If you truly want health and to not build cancer, eliminating ALL animal products is NON-NEGOTIABLE!

Additionally, ANY products containing anything from an animal MUST be recognized and avoided to avoid the disease state! The adult human body was not designed to properly deal with and digest all of the unidentified, inflammation and immune system triggering, mucous and acid forming issues that animal flesh and other animal body fluids (i.e. milk) cause. This is because we do not have the correct teeth, stomach acid, intestinal length, or nutritional needs (i.e. Human brains need glucose and glucose comes from eating fruit. Mountain Lions don’t eat fruit.).

The baby human body was designed for human breast milk (5% protein) not cow’s breast milk (10-15% protein). If 5% was all we needed at the time we were growing the most, how could we ever need more? If more is better, then go grab a rat and milk it! Rat milk is 49% protein! Casein (milk curd) is now considered THE MOST carcinogenic protein on the planet (China Study, Collin Campbell). Now add to it the pro-inflammatory omega 6 fats that are found in dairy fat just to raise our pain level. Along with these toxins are the antibiotic residues present, the pesticides from the GMO based feed, and possibly the most carcinogenic of all, the Bovine Growth Hormone (BGH) given to cows by injection in order to increase milk production and a known human carcinogen.

It is really hard to consider adding this food to the diet of anyone, particularly our self, our friends or our loved ones. Believe me when I say that anything good in ‘food’ is surely destroyed by the extreme process of pasteurization and irradiation, both processes that is FDA required.

ALL pasteurization, irradiation, and microwaving MUST be avoided! ANY excessive heat, that would kill you, is also killing the nutrients in your food. Would you want to be around if a nuclear bomb went off? Would you eat anything that was around when a nuclear bomb went off? NO, because we know we’d get radiation poisoning! Then WHY is it OK to “NUKE” our food? This is ludicrous! We need to educate ourselves as to the toxic world we are being exposed to at an alarmingly fast growing rate! These carcinogens are not only putting ourselves at risk but, because of the extreme damage to our DNA from lifetimes of eating this toxic, dead food, when we have children, their DNA is weaker. For the first time in history parents are out-living their children! Our children are dying of diseases we’d see someone past 50 dying of, at younger and younger ages! This is SERIOUS!

ALL frying and fried foods MUST GO! This includes ANY oil. Even the healthiest of oils, like coconut and olive oils, become carcinogenic once heated even to just a sauté heat. Fried potato products including French fries (AKA cancer fries), potato chips, and tator-tots, once exposed to hot oil (already made carcinogenic from heating), yield acrylamide which is also a known carcinogen.  Cooking kills our food and releases toxins. We eat the dead food. We are what we eat. Hmm …

ANY sugary snacks or drinks like doughnuts, cakes, cookies, soft drinks, diet soft drinks, instant lemonade, bottled ice tea, and even sports drinks must be eliminated to avoid the disease state!  Once again acrylamides are found in the deep fried varieties of these so called foods. They also contain hydrogenated oils, wheat flour, and an unbelievable amount of sugar, which is really cancer’s food. Continue to eat cancers only food supply and you continue to grow cancer in your body. There is NO way around it! All the sugar in these unhealthy food stuffs and toxic drinks feeds cancerous cells and there is a complete absence of nutrients that would help healthy cells metabolize the calories.

When there is an absence of nutrients to replace the ones being used to process this junk, many deficiencies will start to show up, and the body will have to work harder with the added stress from not having materials (simple to digest plant based raw foods) readily available to maintain homeostasis. Removing carcinogens removes disease!

ALL NON-organic foods are carcinogenic. Our non-animal food supply is sprayed with over 500 different chemicals before it ends up in your mouth. Of these 500 chemicals, over 450 are ILLEGAL in other countries because they KNOW they are carcinogenic! The top 12 of these non-organic foods, that are most heavily ‘carcinogized’ are CELERY, PEACHES, STRAWBERRIES, APPLES, BLUEBERRIES, NECTARINES, BELL PEPPERS, SPINACH, KALE, CHERRIES, and IMPORTED GRAPES. If you want to remain disease free then only buy these 12 foods organic.