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Best Drinking Water In The World

Best Drinking Water In The World

The best drinking water in the world is just plain H2O!

Water is the medium of life. Let’s examine why the best drinking water in the world doesn’t need anything added to it!

Water is what allows life to happen on earth. For life to happen and occur H2O is needed in the nature made chemical formulation referred to as water. It’s the purest water for drinking that is found on this planet.

Nature exists in a perfect state. Everything in nature is there because it is necessary. There should be no attention paid to what things to add or include in H2O water because water already exists in a perfect state.

When considering that humanity lives in an extremely toxic environment what people should be focusing on is eliminating anything that has been added to water. Unfortunately, millions of dollars are being spent on new synthetic formulations that do not contribute to health.

Water filtration or reverse osmosis is becoming more of a necessity at this time simply because of our toxic environment. People should not be consuming tap water, why? Because there are too many “none water things” added to it, i.e. fluoride, etc.

Drinking reverse osmosis water or distilled water are both great alternatives to everything else out there. We shouldn’t be spending so much time on trying to alkalize our water. The human body naturally alkalizes the water for us.

The Best Drinking Water in the World Is Plant Water or Green Juice

What humanity needs is pure water! The body is 70% water. We don’t need water plus something added to it. What needs to be eliminated is this crazy spell that people are consumed with in regards to the best drinking water in the world and how to attain it.

All people truly need is pure H2O. Spring water is the best if you can get it, otherwise, go with distilled or reverse osmosis water.

It’s important to note that the human body can’t use minerals by themselves. We are not able to eat rocks. We know now that several minerals must be carried by healthy proteins in order to get into the cells. This has a fantastic benefit for us.

We can’t just begin eating rocks in order to get our minerals, it won’t work. However, plants are able to do this because they are absorbing nutrients and the minerals from rocks.

This brings us to “plant water”. Plants are able to take water and make it perfect. Plants perfect water and balance it in a way that is beyond comprehension. We don’t even need to think about this as nature is able to do it for us.

In order to attain this perfect plant water, we just need to drink the green juice from plants. This is the absolute best drinking water on the planet. It has all of the nutrients our body requires and absolutely nothing added.

People try to overcomplicate most things in our society today. This ends up being a huge disadvantage when it comes to our health. The best answer is to drink green juice, adding nothing to it and your body will reward you with good health!

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