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Benefits of Fasting

Benefits Of Fasting

The benefits of fasting are numerous and can’t be underestimated!

The damage done internally to the body from living outside of the biological laws of nature can be reversed from the benefits of fasting. Water fasting is the most effective, however, juice fasting is also effective and more tolerated by most people.

Insulin resistance which we call diabetes is the cellular response when too much glucose is ingested. The reason the body did that was to save its life. If all the glucose ingested was able to enter the cells, people would die quickly.

We label diabetes as a bad thing when in fact it is saving the life of the person who has that condition. Let’s look at high blood pressure. We see the same thing in this case as well.

People eat meat, and processed foods and the lining of their arteries get blocked up. The arteries become very narrow, but the blood flow must continue, otherwise, the person would have a stroke or a heart attack.

The question then becomes, how do you maintain blood flow if the openings are narrow? The pressure is increased to maintain the proper blood flow, and this is what’s called high blood pressure.

A person then goes to see a doctor and the doctor says that you have a disease and that’s it’s bad. When in fact, the high blood pressure is not bad, it is saving your life!

Let’s compare it to a person walking with a cane and another person wants to help them. Would you kick the cane out to help that person? Of course not, they would fall immediately.

The Benefits of Fasting Help Restore The Body To Optimal Functioning

This is what happens when doctors try to intervene on what is called a disease. It’s not a disease! It’s the body engaging in a homeostatic corrective response in order to maintain functional integrity.

The best thing to do when a person has diabetes, heart disease or cancer, is to fast. Fasting is the safest and fastest way to cleanse the cells.

Fasting cleanses, the inside and the outside of the cells and soon enough the arteries will be open and clear. And, the receptors signaled the DNA that everything is okay and sets everything back to normal.

Water fasts are the hardest to do for most people as they don’t have the time or energy to fulfill them. People can also do a green juice fast or a mono fruit fast (i.e. eating only bananas for 10 days).

These are effective as well and most people can handle them. The goal is to clean out the garbage in the extracellular fluid.

The best way to restore the body back to optimal functioning is to stop eating and eliminate all the waste. Once this happens, the person will have more energy and feel more alert and vibrant.

It’s important to note a water fast should be done with trained professionals who know what they are doing to support you. A green juice fast can be done safely on your own.

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