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Behavioral Human Epigenetics And Cancer

Behavioral Human Epigenetics and how this affects people dealing with cancer or any disease.

If you believe the words your doctor tells you and he says your going to die of cancer in three months, studies show time and time again that you will. This is called behavioral human epigenetics where people die on cue.

This is a tragic truth. Deep within our psyche, people believe that only doctors know the truth. It has usurped any religion. People will believe their doctor over any religious figure they follow.

What this means is science has become the new religion. When a doctor tells a patient, they are going to die in three months and that person dies in three months because they believed what the doctor said.  This is called sorcery.

The problem is people don’t really know what they believe because only 5% of our mind is conscious. The other 95% is subconscious. We don’t know 95% of what’s going on in our mind, we only know the 5% that bubbles up.

The conscious mind is really not that smart. The conscious mind can only manage a small amount of information where conversely the subconscious that manages quite a lot more.

The conscious mind is the one that is learning how to drive a car. This is where a person has both hands are on the wheel, one foot on the brake and one on the gas, etc.

Behavioral Human Epigenetics a Doctor Plays a very Important Role 

Comparatively, the subconscious mind is where things go on autopilot and people are texting, drinking a latte and shaving at the same time while driving. If you asked someone who came to visit you how did they get there, did they take the freeway?

That person being asked will have to think about it because they weren’t in the car. They were busy while driving with the “I should have done this, I could have done that, etc…” so they arrived on autopilot and didn’t really pay attention. They weren’t driving, driving happened.

To be in a position that a doctor is in, it’s a very powerful position and role they have with people they say things to. They have to be really careful with what they say. Doctors can’t just say things because people will believe what they say.

People will come back to their doctor’s years later and say, I remember what you said, so they have to be very careful and speak only the truth. And, the truth is, does anyone know who is going to die tomorrow or in 3 months?

No one knows when anyone is going to die. Nobody knows what’s going to happen. So, when a doctor says that someone is going to die in 3 months, they really don’t know and should never say that, ever.

In the real world, if someone says something that is not true, it is a lie. If you wear a whitecoat and lie, it’s called a medical opinion or standard of scare.

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