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Arizona Center For Cancer Care Offers Integrated Treatment OptionsArizona Center For Cancer Care

Our Arizona Center for cancer care provides gentler and kinder treatment options that are effective towards health restoration.

Being told that you or a loved one has cancer has to be one of the worst things in the world. It can be a disheartening and terrifying moment for everybody concerned. That’s why this Arizona Center for cancer care stands out from the rest.

It is, therefore, critical that all facts are known, not only about the specific condition but also about the various treatments available. When it comes to fighting off cancer, conventional cancer treatments are often the most effective weapons, right?

Unfortunately, that is not the case. Quite contrarily, conventional treatments such as radiation and chemotherapy do more harm than good in restoring a cancer sufferer’s health. These treatments are often so harsh that they cripple the body’s natural ability to heal.

Current statistics on the people getting cancer makes no sense when you think about it: with so many advancements in technology and hundreds of billions of dollars spent on cancer research and treatments each year, why are more people succumbing to cancer now more than at any time in history?

This Arizona Center for Cancer Care treats the whole person not just the tumor

With about 1 in 3 people being diagnosed with cancer in the Western World and people losing their faith in conventional cancer treatments, more cancer patients are now looking towards alternative cancer care.

So, is an alternative treatment any better? The answer is yes!

Cancer treatments, including chemotherapy and radiation, focus on eradicating the cancer cells or cancerous tissues as fast as possible by zapping any cells away in an attempt to destroy the tumor. They do not correct the underlying cause of the problem.

That is the main reason why a good number of people who battle cancer have a relapse. This is the crucial factor that separates alternative cancer therapies and conventional cancer treatments.

Alternative cancer treatments deal with cancer by acting towards the root cause of the problem. When the primary cause is taken care of, the cancerous cells will go away, and the entire body can be restored to health. It’s not difficult to get rid of cancer, the real problem is keeping it gone which is why treating the whole person is essential to health restoration.

At, Arizona center for cancer care, our therapies and treatments do not merely focus on the illness alone but on all aspects of the patient’s life. While most people being subjected to chemotherapy experience severely compromised immune systems, our patients’ immune systems actually take a turn for the better during their holistic cancer treatment.

Arizona Cancer Center takes the best parts of many treatment methods to design a custom protocol for each patient

An Oasis of Healing evaluates each patient as an individual. Understanding how their body is responding to cancer, as well as to the treatment, allows us to offer the best of both worlds: our treatments are effective, and the patient simply feels better throughout the process. The patient’s body grows stronger, and his or her immune system can mobilize healing resources to combat the illness. Our treatments include:

  • Intravenous Therapy (High Dose Vitamin C therapy, UBI therapy, Ozone therapy, Hydrogen Peroxide therapy, etc.)
  • Adjuvant Therapy (Acupuncture, Bemer, Coffee Enemas, Colon Hydrotherapy, EWOT, Lymphatic Drainage Therapy, Myofascial Release, PEMF, Infrared Sauna)

Our cancer therapies have the opposite effects associated with conventional cancer treatment where each patient feels more vibrant and stronger after each day of treatment.

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