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Apricot Seeds And Cancer

Apricot Seeds And Cancer Protocol

What is the relationship between apricot seeds and cancer?

Are they effective in helping heal from cancer? The Hunza people who live in the extreme northern part of Pakistan have been eating apricot seeds as a part of their diet and they have not had one diagnosis of cancer among them. Apricot seeds and cancer seem to go hand in hand with the Hunza people as eating one keeps the other away!

Inside the apricot, there is the chemical compound called amygdalin. Amygdalin is better known as vitamin B17. This compound goes after cancer cells and healthy cells are left alone.

The caution to take when eating apricot seeds is someone could overdose on them so moderation is key. The good news is the person will begin to feel ill and stop first. You can’t eat enough to die, a person would become sick too fast to eat too much.

Apricot seeds or B17 can only be poisonous when taken orally although as we just stated a person would become very ill too quickly to become life threatening. In a center such as An Oasis Of Healing, we use intravenous therapy for the B17 or Amygdalin to begin treatments. We would then keep you on a low dose following the initial higher dose for health maintenance.

The same mechanism by which cancer cells are attacked by the amygdalin compound found within apricot seeds happens in our gut as well. The bacteria in our gut has the same enzyme which grabs glucose. The B17 molecule has 4 parts, 2 glucose, 1 benzaldehyde and 1 cyanide. When the amygdalin grabs the 2 glucose’s, it liberates the cyanide. Now, our healthy cells have another enzyme called rhodanese which acts when cyanide is liberated and quickly turns it into thiocyanate which is not poisonous. Cancer cells don’t have enough of this and they die off.

Apricot Seeds And Cancer Protocol Using Intravenous B17 Works Naturally With The Body

This is why people can feel sick when eating apricot seeds. In the gut we have these bacteria so when we eat the apricot seeds the glucosidase enzyme starts grabbing the glucose and it liberates the cyanide and that’s why people feel sick when they eat too many seeds. When B17 is administered intravenously  the enzyme rhodanese swiftly goes to work and turns it into thiocyanate and no harm is done and no illness is felt.

Now, you can certainly still eat apricot seeds and not get sick, just don’t eat too many. A better way to receive the positive health benefits of the apricot seeds on a prevention basis is to supplement with it and use a product called Novodalin from Mexico. They come in 500 mg’s per tablet. Dr. Lodi himself takes 1,000 mg’s a day as a preventative just in case somewhere along the line cancer cells pop up, taking this helps them go away.

This intravenous treatment is effective in helping a person heal from cancer and is one of the many IV therapies we administer as part of our comprehensive cancer care program. We hope you found this article on apricot seeds and cancer protocol helpful and if it was, we ask that you share it on your favorite social media outlet.