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Holistic Cancer Treatment Centers

A Holistic Cancer Treatment Center

Providing An Alternative & Integrative Cancer Treatment Approach In The USA

We Bring Over 60 Years of Expertise to our Integrative Cancer Treatment Program
A Comprehensive Approach of Holistic Cancer Treatments To Restore Your Health

You may have already undergone conventional cancer treatment therapies but may not have had the results you were hoping for; while others of you have only recently been diagnosed and are researching all of your options before embarking upon a definitive course of action regarding your cancer treatment. In either case, you have found your way to our website. We invite you to read through the website to discover the many advanced and leading edge integrative cancer treatments and holistic modalities that can assist you to successfully heal from cancer.

Our Approach for Healing Cancer

stop making cancer - alternative cancer treatment center

Stop Making Cancer

Sadly, it is usually not difficult getting rid of cancer, the hard part is keeping it gone.  Surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy and targeted “immune” therapies usually shrink and occasionally eliminate all visible tumors, however in most cases there is a recurrence 9–18+ months later… LEARN MORE

target and eliminate cancer - holistic treatment center

Target & Eliminate

One of the most tragic truths of our world today is that most people with cancer die from the treatments, not from the natural progression of cancer.  Dr. Hardin B. Jones, a former professor of medical physics and physiology at the University of California, Berkeley, has studied…LEARN MORE

Immunity Sign - Holistic Cancer Treatment Centers

Enhance the Immune System

When the immune system is fully and healthfully functioning, cancer cannot grow or metastasize (spread).  Cancer is quite “clever” and therefore employs many different strategies to disable the immune system by producing enzymes and camouflaging (hiding) itself… LEARN MORE

We Customize a Program Specifically for You and Your Situation

What’s Included in Our Comprehensive Integrative Cancer Care Program?

Oasis School of Life

Your Body Has the Power to Heal – Learn How

Nourish Your Body

Nourish Your Body

Recharge Your Cells & Bring Back Your Vitality

Metabolic Therapies

Metabolic Therapies

Delivers Immediate Impact to Cancer at the Cellular Level

Enhancement Therapies

Maximize Your Body’s Capacity To Repair & Rejuvenate

Mind Body Healing

Mind Body Healing

Master Your Mind
Master Your Healing

We Provide a Nurturing Environment Where Our Dedicated Care Team
Collaborates to be Attentive to Your Every Healing Need

Watch and Listen to People who Have Experienced Healing
Through Our Comprehensive Cancer Care Program

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What Do You Do if You’ve Been Diagnosed with Cancer ?

Get a True Second Opinion Regarding
the Treatment Options for You and Your Specific Situation.


If you are reading this, either you or a loved one has probably been diagnosed with cancer. The decisions you are now faced with are among the most important decisions you will ever make. Therefore, doesn’t it make sense to be fully informed regarding all of the alternative cancer treatment options available to you during this confusing and overwhelming time in your life?


The Most Common Types of Cancers We Treat:

Breast Head & Neck
Bladder Lymphomas (all types)
Ovarian Liver
Pancreatic Prostate
Melanoma Testicular
Colon & Rectal Lung
Cervical Uterine
Arizona Natural Cancer Treatment

An Oasis Of Healing is a long-established and trusted Arizona cancer treatment center.  Here at An Oasis of Healing, we use scientifically proven, leading-edge alternative cancer treatments that work within the body to achieve remarkable results in eliminating cancer while at the same time restoring health. Compared to other alternative cancer treatment centers, we have a truly holistic and integrative cancer treatment approach through our Comprehensive Cancer Care program.  Our program includes education, nutrition & cleansing and many other natural healing modalities with an extensive repertoire of integrative cancer treatments. Even though some of our patients may have the same type of cancer, all have their individual requirements and as a result, we develop a customized and unique plan of care for each person.

Dr. Thomas Lodi

Dr. Thomas Lodi
Executive Medical Director

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Remember, the question is not ‘How do I get rid of cancer?’ but rather ‘How do I stop making cancer?’

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Integrative Oncology Expert

The Natural & Alternative Intravenous Therapies
In Your Comprehensive Cancer Care Program:

High Dose Vitamin C Therapy

Ozone & Hydrogen Peroxide

Insulin Potentiation Therapy (IPT)

IV Artesunate



Alpha Lipoic Acid

IV Curcumin

DCA Alternative Treatment Option An Oasis of Healing


red blood cells flowing

UBI (Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation)

Other intravenous therapies include antioxidants, botanicals and pharmaceuticals.

In addition, we design custom nutritional programs designed specifically for your individual needs.

Holistic Cancer Treatments

Other key components of our comprehensive cancer care program include the following types of holistic cancer treatments to provide the body with the support needed to heal, repair & recover, in other words to replace abnormal cells with healthy new cells:


  • Fresh Pressed Organic Vegetable Juices and Wheat Grass Juice
  • Vitamin, Mineral, Botanical & Other Supplementation
  • Organic, Living foods all plant-based

Lifestyle Modifications

  • Regular exercise and stretching
  • Adequate sleep, rest and relaxation
  • Daily learning to reinforce healthy habits
  • Stress reduction with psycho-spiritual practices
  • Psychological counseling
  • Nurturing and positive relationships
  • Nontoxic personal hygiene products
  • Nontoxic household products

Erica Martin


What Makes An Oasis Of Healing Different
Lauri Mordh

Lauri Mordh

Registered Nurse

Dr. Zhen Liu


Andrea Carter, CHT

Andrea Carter


Jennelle VanderStouw


“Never had any doubt this was the place to come. Never would have dreamed how caring and compassionate everybody….EVERYBODY is here. Every person here cares truly and does their best to help and encourage. The times I was down they were always encouraging me. Everyone is very skilled and knowledgeable. I always had confidence in everybody.”
Shirley M.