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An Oasis Of Healing

An Oasis Of Healing Lifestyle

An Oasis Of Healing lifestyle is lived daily by Ashley Grimmel who is the Nutritionist and Health Educator at our healing center.

Ashley was recently interviewed and discusses living An Oasis Of Healing lifestyle she teaches people here at Oasis. She lives this lifestyle because she wants optimal health for herself and loves teaching those who need to adapt to this way of life. It also just happens to be what is arguably the best way to avoid getting cancer.

Everyone who comes to An Oasis Of Healing for our alternative cancer treatments works one on one with Ashley as well as in-class and also group settings. Prior to arriving at Oasis, she worked for a non-profit organization in Oregon called Taking Care of Portland which dealt with cancer also. What ultimately brought her to Oasis was her pursuit in locating a center that covered everything all in one place.

She was exploring and probing a number of centers who treat cancer with the objective of joining on one focused on a cancer prevention lifestyle at their core. Through all my research there was no other place in the US that included everything in one place like An Oasis of Healing does so it made it an easy decision for me.

When I saw that Oasis had it all under one roof I knew I would be moving to Arizona. Having such a complete comprehensive cancer care program including but not limited to; IV therapies, adjunct therapies, nutrition, lymphatic therapies, ultraviolet blood irradiation and all the rest of the treatments offered to make this a dream job for me. Knowing that the people I work with one on one are getting the absolute best possible care is heartwarming and fulfilling.

All people who visit our Oasis are taught by Ashley on stress management, nutrition, and lifestyle. She believes this is vital to any healing program, especially when it comes to cancer. If you don’t address the root cause, then restoring health will be a near-impossible battle.

Living An Oasis Of Healing Lifestyle Interview of Ashley and Why She Chose Our Center

By focusing on nutrition which is a key in our program it increases the effectiveness of all the other treatments given to each person. This is incredibly important when attempting to heal from cancer.

What About Conventional Treatments Versus Treatment Alternatives for Cancer

Ashley states that conventional cancer treatment is very narrow in its focus where it is only trying to eliminate something that’s in the body. Whereas traditional cancer treatments focus on a systemic approach which treats the whole body and not one specific part of the person.

In essence, we are rebuilding the health of a person while returning them to true health. Conventional treatments, unfortunately, wipe out the immune system as part of what they do and that in no way helps to restore the health of a person.

Standard cancer treatments also leave a person weak and not able to live their normal life where conversely natural cancer treatments allow you to function as normal. You actually feel stronger and more energetic with each passing day of treatments. The fact that you can live a vibrant normal healthy life while treating cancer naturally is amazing.

Living the lifestyle that is taught at Oasis allows a person to live and function optimally and just happens to be the best way to avoid getting cancer in the first place. It is the lifestyle I chose to live and I love it.