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alternative therapy for cancer

Alternative Therapy For Cancer

Alternative therapy for cancer has helped Maria R. restore her health.

This is a personal story of how alternative therapy for cancer helped Maria R. restore her health. Maria had spent the past 8 weeks at An Oasis of Healing and wanted to share her testimonial in the hopes that her story could help someone searching for the right path to take in their healing journey.

When Maria was asked about her experience at Oasis, she became very emotional. She had decided our healing center was the best place for her. Maria said she had done her research and looked at several places that offered alternatives for cancer treatment and An Oasis of Healing was the one resonating with her.

When she first came to our center, Maria said she found friendship, compassion and so many wonderful people. She further stated that the people and the staff at Oasis helped to transform her life in many ways. Maria stated Oasis will always be in her heart and her mind. She said her time at Oasis was a beautiful healing time not only for her body but for her soul and spirit as well.

Maria said that it is with happiness but some sadness as well that she will be leaving all of her fellow friends being treated for cancer at Oasis. She has tremendous hope that all her fellow friends being treated will follow her in achieving their certificate of health restoration and graduate from An Oasis of Healing as well.

Alternative Therapy for Cancer Testimonial by Maria R.

Maria says that life will never be the same and can be a lot better because this experience changes you in a very profound way. She then shared her average day while at An Oasis of Healing. The day began by waking at 6:00am and making my way to the Oasis lifestyle house for the nutrition and food preparation classes. Then between 9:00 – 10:00am I went to the healing center to begin my treatments and therapies.

Maria said that the Oasis nurses were very knowledgeable and knew what they were doing and they do it with a smile on their face. In between her treatments, Maria would then have a colonic treatment which would make her feel so good. She would also have at some point during the day, a lymphatic massage, which Maria stated was the best part of her day.  Her day also included an acupuncture treatment during the day.

Maria would usually end her day with a sauna and really enjoyed it as it was very relaxing. She stated that the favorite part of her day was meeting with the two Doctors at Oasis, Dr. Tatini and Dr. Kim. She said they were very knowledgeable and also full of compassion.  Maria stated that you just don’t find doctors like this in the world we live in today and she felt very blessed to have found An Oasis of Healing.

Maria’s story of healing is a common story hear at Oasis. If you yourself are dealing with cancer or a friend or loved one, give us a call, we can help!