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alternative cancer therapies

Alternative Cancer Therapies

One’s health is best defined as the optimal functioning of a microorganism.

Disease is the body’s amazing effort to free itself of all encumbrances that hinder its natural functions.

The miraculous healing imperative of the body will in fact redirect its healing energies to detoxification and recovery while preempting other functions of the body. This procedure leads to what we call the symptoms and signs of disease.

The two essential requirements for optimum functioning:

The body needs to be devoid of waste and various other obstacles

All the raw materials needed for continual repair and renewal needs to be available

Enhancing the bodies immune system is vital to removing cancer. Any thing or condition which would certainly impair or obstruct the natural renewal machinery needs to be gotten rid of in order for healing to take place. One of the most standard metabolic waste products dispersed throughout the body is acid (lowered pH).

It changes the structure and for that reason the function of many proteins in the body

The sorts of proteins involved are structural, transport, receptors, hormones, enzymes, hemoglobin, and so on

Acid/pH for that reason affects essentially every aspect of cellular function, organ function as well as organ-system function.

It thickens the blood which slows down or prevents circulation to important organs.

It consumes the oxygen.

Bone loss takes place.

Heart fibrillation (beats unpredictably) takes place.

There are several biochemical systems within the human body designed to keep the blood and also the fluid that bathes the cells from ending up being acidic. The elimination of impediments consists of clearing the body of cells that have actually come to be abnormal in their adaptation to continued poisonous assaults (cancer).

Nature has actually offered all the raw materials essential for development, repair and also renewal and each organism lives within an atmosphere that provides these materials in plenitude as food, water and oxygen (or other gases).

The natural diet for people is one that supplies an abundance of food substances which upon being metabolized lead to an alkaline system. Approximately 1,000 to 10,000 times each day an ordinary cell in the body receives DNA assaults which are possibly cancer-causing breakages.

The approximate 20 trillion cells of the human body immune system work every second of everyday to fix the harm caused from these assaults along with getting rid of cells that have actually fallen victim.

However, in spite of this onslaught of DNA damage, more than half of all Americans do not create clinical cancer cells in their lifetime.