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acupuncture for cancer

Acupuncture For Cancer Treatments Is Showing Positive Results

Acupuncture for cancer treatments is part of the revival of traditional healing methods used for centuries.

The rates of cancer are growing and causing concern for folks of all ages and sectors of society. There are numerous researchers looking into alternative therapies to help people dealing with cancer. By using modern scientific means to determine the effectiveness of ancient therapies, they have been working to determine the best courses of treatment for various types of ailments, including cancer. Among the things that have been beneficial are acupuncture for cancer therapy.

In many cases, folks are using more than one alternative therapy in order to treat their cancer. It is wise to have a naturopath or other highly skilled medical practitioner who has studied eastern medicine and alternative healing therapies in depth. This is similar to having a primary care doctor who oversees all of your medical treatment. Just as conventional clinics dot the landscape of the country today, there are an increasing number of practices banding together to form natural healing communities where patients can have all of their alternative therapy needs addressed in one location.

Whether you are able to find a place like this in your community or must travel to different addresses for your medical treatments, you need to be sure that your practitioners know about all of the other therapies you are using, both conventional and alternative. There might be two types of therapy that are simply incompatible, although each may be a good tool without the other. At the same time, the synergistic effects of using complementary therapies can quicken the healing and recovery process.

Acupuncture for Cancer Therapy is part of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Acupuncture traces its roots all the way back to the origins of Traditional Chinese Medicine and has evolved over a long course of history to become the modern medical art that has spread across the globe. Today, acupuncture for cancer and other serious diseases is growing in the US and industrialized countries everywhere. People are simply not finding the life saving relief through conventional means and alternatives are showing great promise.

One of the important things to realize about acupuncture is that you won’t see results instantly. Even with lesser disease, multiple visits are necessary in order to thwart the progress and begin turning things around. The number of sessions you will need per week, as well as the length and overall treatment outlook will depend on multiple factors, including the type of cancer you have, what stage it is in, and your general health.

The process involves the insertion of thin, sterile needles into precise locations on the body. These will be determined by the acupuncture specialist who will base the treatment areas on the location of your cancer. You will then relax in a comfortable room for up to an hour. In some cases, your session might even go longer.

Used in conjunction with proper lifestyle choices and other alternative therapies, acupuncture for cancer is showing great promise in medical research circles as an alternative to chemotherapy, radiation and other destructive forms of treatment for this increasingly common medical condition. At An Oasis of Healing, acupuncture is used as part of our comprehensive cancer care program. We use a very integrative approach in helping people heal from cancer and do no harm to the body.