Nicole Landon, RN

For almost 18 years, I’ve been in the medical field.  Starting early in my life, I was always the “go to” person in my family and I have always loved helping people, so without realizing it nursing was the perfect fit for me.

My first position in the medical field was as a surgical technologist and I loved it!  The next logical step was to pursue nursing, so I attended Mount Saint Mary’s in Los Angeles to attain my associates then went on to get my BSN at the University of Texas-Arlington.   

I had a strong passion for cardiac surgery and working in the ICU, so this is where I acquired the majority of my experience.

It wasn’t until I had my own health issues, that I learned about holistic modalities.  As a nurse, they teach you to think about and treat the person as a whole; however, allopathic medicine fell short in this regard.  After a year of completely changing my diet and diving into the mind-body aspects of healing, I was forever changed.  I could no longer, in good conscience, stay within the allopathic paradigm and not be able to teach my patients to heal and transform their mind and body.  It just simply wasn’t enough to give a pill and say good luck.  I wanted to be able to teach patients how they could heal and reverse their dis-eases through a holistic mind-body approach.  This is absolutely where my passion lies.  I believe that if I can heal, so can anyone.

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