Marla Kaz, BSN

I received my BSN from Grand Canyon University and spent 30 years of my professional career in Neonatal Intensive Care Units in Arizona, California & the US Virgin Islands. I also have work experience in home care, research, and occupational health. Throughout my career my focus has always been on helping others and promoting a healthy lifestyle. I have had a passion for wellness, holistic care, and integrative medicine for many years. I have an ongoing interest in learning about nutrition, complimentary therapies and the mind-body connection. I am very excited to be working in a comprehensive healing environment. I am the proud mother of 3 successful grown children, a yoga instructor and a volunteer with a program for single parent families with a diagnosis of cancer. My thirst for knowledge and growth led to a year of travel and experiences, where elements from around the world have influenced my education from a variety of teachers. When not at work, I enjoy baking, gardening, hiking, kayaking, traveling, and meeting new people!

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