Gina Richardson, I-ACT Certified 

I have been a colon hydrotherapist since 2013.  I received my training at Phoenix Natural Medicine and Detox with Gayle Palms and I am certified by the International Association of Colon Therapy.   For two years, I also trained as an Herbalist with Dr Kimberly Engard, a local Naturopath and Herbalist. 

Since 2014, I have been a part of the An Oasis of Healing where Colon Hydro Therapy plays a crucial role in the healing process of people diagnosed with cancer.  I teach patients the benefits of colon cleansing along with other detox tools.  My favorite part of doing what I do is witnessing the healing process in people as they learn how to better care for their bodies.

I live in Maricopa, Arizona with my partner Tom where we enjoy entertaining friends and family as well as dancing.  I am blessed to have 3 beautiful daughters.  Also, I am a self-taught and accomplished gardener who understands how vital plants are to our health and wellbeing.