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Who is Dr. Thomas Lodi?

Dr. Thomas Lodi, a master’s level psychologist received his medical degree in 1985 from the University of Hawaii.  He completed his internship and residency in internal medicine at Columbia University and worked for ten years as an internist, urgent care physician, and intensivist (ICU/CCU).

After several years of additional training in alternative modalities, he narrowed his focus to integrative oncology.  He is a member of ASCO, a Diplomat of Anti-Aging Therapy, an instructor in Insulin Potentiation Therapy, and he is certified in oxidative and chelation therapies.

At his practice, An Oasis of Healing in Mesa, AZ, the focal point of treatment is on restoring the integrity of the immune system and organ function through detoxification and proper nutrition.

For Media Requests:

Dr. Thomas Lodi had spoken at many events and would love to participate at yours and deliver quality information about alternative cancer treatments.

The following information is available for download as a pdf file:

pdficon_large.gif  Dr. Thomas Lodi – Biography           pdficon_large.gif  Dr. Thomas Lodi – CV (Curriculum Vitae)

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For speaking engagements or media appearance, please contact:

Andrea Hale

Phone: (602) 515-6377
Email: See our Contact page

Interviews by Dr. Thomas Lodi

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