Alia Al-Alawi RN, BSN

Vanessa Pinto, BS, MS Health Educator

I specialize in Health Education, Movement, and Nutritional Counseling with nearly a decade of successful experience guiding clients to restore their health and vitality.  I have been working with Dr Lodi at different clinics around the globe for the past four years.

I have a Bachelor’s in Biology and a Masters in Ecology from Lisbon University, Portugal.  I am also a certified personal trainer, a yoga and meditation instructor, and a certified health coach.  My aim is to always deepen my knowledge and understanding of human health.   

My greatest love is nature and I have a deep trust in the holistic approach to health, as promoted by An Oasis of Healing.  It is the most natural and balanced way to achieve, regain and maintain a healthy body and mind. I am both compassionate and pragmatic, with an approach to health and people that facilitates lasting and permanent change.  

Nature inspires me and I believe in a truthful, deep connection with the world, ourselves, and others. In my free time, I love most being outdoors, traveling, hiking, spending time with family and friends, and playing with my dog, Peanut. 

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