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Tiffany Murphy, LPN

Tori Fegurgur, MA

I graduated in 2016, with my CCMA, from Pima in Colorado. I have had many opportunities to help people working in various types of medical practices from Family Medicine to Infectious Disease.  Prior to this, I had the pleasure of working as a Respiratory Therapist where I was primarily in the ICU and Emergency Department.  

Joining An Oasis of Healing is what brought me to Arizona. Being able to continually learn, connect with patients, and participate in more natural treatment options is what drew me here.

I have always wanted to be a part of the healthcare field and I have had amazing experiences along the way. After being in conventional medicine, I knew it was time to change things and be a part of medicine that was able to help patients heal in such a powerful way.

I am originally from Colorado and moved to Arizona in August 2021. My hobbies include snowboarding, rock climbing and trail running. I spend most of my time outside exploring with my dog.

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