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Tiffany Murphy, LPN

Tiffany Murphy, LPN

Continued & After Care Nurse

In late 2008, I was diagnosed with stage I melanoma. I will never forget the details of that day or how scared I was of the consequences of such a diagnosis and how it would affect my life. Fortunately, after getting a few opinions, a very wise man advised me to completely change my lifestyle and seek a wholistic approach to healing.

Eventually, that diagnosis helped me learn about all the toxins that exist in our daily lives and the unhealthy habits and diets many of us choose. I became a strict vegan and green juiced every day for two years while releasing toxic items and toxic relationships out of my life. 

Being a Graphic Design major at that time, I wanted to give back the second chance that was given to me, so I changed educational paths to nursing. I graduated from the Practical Nursing program at Gateway Community College in 2011. Since then, I’ve gained nursing experience in Skilled Nursing, Long Term Care, and Psychiatric Case Management. I’m now pleased to work in a clinic that is aligned with my own perspectives of health and healing.

In my free time, I enjoy exploring nature, traveling, watching documentaries, reading, and researching alternative topics.