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Robert Zieve, MD, MDH

Robert Zieve, MD, MDH

I have been a physician for over 40 years, ​beginning with a career as a Board-certified physician and director in emergency medicine, with an integrative medicine practice on the side, then a focus on integrative family practice; and for the past 20 years, my focus has been integrative cancer medicine.

Since 2008, I have been a participating physician at several integrative cancer clinics in the Phoenix area. I was an instructor at the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine in Tempe, AZ in the 1990’s, and was President of the Arizona Homeopathic and Integrative Medical Association for two terms in the late 1990’s. I continue to be a licensed homeopathic physician in Arizona. From 1999-2001 I was Medical Director of Paracelsus Fox Hollow Clinic near Louisville, KY, which was the US affiliate of Paracelsus Klinik, an internationally known cancer clinic in Lustmuhle, Switzerland. Since then, I have run private practices in Arizona and in Boulder, Colorado.  I am one of a small number of physicians in the United States with training and experience to prescribe mistletoe as a cancer treatment.

Finally, I have arrived at the kind of place where I have always wanted to work: An Oasis of Healing, where everyone with whom I work is single-mindedly focused on doing their very best to meet people’s needs. I have the honor of working with two very bright and devoted naturopathic physicians, under the guidance and collaborative spirit of the Center’s founder and director Dr. Thomas Lodi, M.D, who just like an orchestra conductor, has assembled under one roof a wide array of professionals, administrators, supportive staff, and effective therapies in cancer.  It is truly magical to be working in this environment at our Center.

Dr. Zieve's Extended Bio

Robert Zieve, MD, MDH


7/1970 – 12/1973                                        Ohio State University College of Medicine, MD 1974

7/1974 – 6/1975                                          Mt. Carmel Medical Center, Rotating Internship

Current Licensure                                        MD: Arizona, #20794, Active since 1991
MD(H): Arizona, #0076, Active since 1991

MD: Colorado, #DR.0049173, Active since 2013

Board Certification                                     Emergency Medicine, 1983 – 1993; 1993 – 2003

Current Work Experience

5/2004 – Present                                         Integrative Cancer Medicine, Prescott, AZ, and Boulder
Integrative Cancer Medicine, An Oasis of Healing, Mesa, AZ

2014-15: Riverside Wellness Clinic           Bullhead City, Az, through Medestar Agency www.medestar.com

2015: multiple urgent care and family practice clinics, Phoenix area, through Medestar Agency included work in MedPost urgent care clinics and Care ATC contract family practice clinics, Scottsdale, Avondale, and Chandler, AZ

Previous Work Experience: Emergency Medicine and Family Practice

2/2002 – 4/2004                                          Family Practice and Integrative Medicine, Chadds Ford, PA

3/2002 – 9/2002                                          Jackson Purchase Hospital, Mayfield, KY, Emergency Medicine, part time

9/1994 – 12/2002                                        Family Practice, Prescott, AZ

11/1999- 11/2001                                        Integrative Cancer Medicine, Foxhollow Clinic, Louisville, KY, an affiliate of Paracelsus Klinik, Switzerland

9/1991 – 9/1999                                          Phoenix Baptist Hospital, Phoenix, AZ, Emergency Medicine, part time

6/1994 – 9/1999                                           Arrowhead Hospital, Phoenix, AZ, Emergency Medicine, part time

6/1990 – 8/1991                                          Lewiston Hospital, Lewiston, ID, Emergency Medicine, part time

3/1990 – 9/1991                                          Holy Family Hospital, Spokane, WA, Emergency Medicine, full time

9/1988 – 3/1990                                          Barberton Community Hospital, Barberton, OH, Emergency Medicine, full time

3/1983 – 6/1988                                          Family Practice, San Diego, CA

6/1982 – 8/1988                                          Chula Vista Community Hospital, Chula Vista, CA, Emergency Medicine

2/1979 – 6/1982                                          Valley View Hospital, San Diego, CA, Emergency Medicine, part time

2/1979 – 6/1982                                          Hillside Hospital, San Diego, CA, Emergency Medicine, part time

2/1979 – 6/1982                                          College Park Hospital, San Diego, CA, Emergency Medicine, part time; Emergency Department Director 1980-1981

2/1977 – 6/1979                                          Mary Rutan Hospital, Belle Fontaine, OH, Emergency Medicine, part time

2/1977 – 6/1979                                          Bethesda Hospital, Zanesville, OH, Emergency Medicine, part time

2/1977 – 6/1979                                          Upper Sandusky Hospital, Upper Sandusky, OH, Emergency Medicine, part time

2/1977 – 6/1979                                          Defiance Community Hospital, Defiance, OH, Emergency Medicine, part time

2/1977 – 6/1979                                          Marysville Hospital, Marysville, OH, Emergency Medicine, part time

2/1977 – 6/1978                                          Fayette County Hospital, Washington Courthouse, OH, Emergency Medicine, part time

2/1976 – 6/1976                                          Grant Hospital, Columbus, OH, Emergency Medicine, part time

7/1975 – 6/1976                                          Family Practice, Columbus, OH 

Post Graduate Training

1993 –1996                                                  ACLS and ATLS Certified

1991-99                                                         Board Certified Emergency Physician at several Phoenix AZ and San Diego hospitals

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