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Natalie Bono, RN

Natalie Bono, RN

In 2020, I graduated from College of the Canyons in California as a Registered Nurse.

I began my career working as a nurse in Med-Surg/Telemetry Float Pool RN in a level 1 trauma at the height of the pandemic. Working in the hospital system was overwhelming at the time, especially since there was such a lack of options, alternative, natural, or otherwise, that people had for their healthcare. I felt that we were only treating symptoms and ignoring the root cause of their illness. In my next position, I gained even more experience working as an RN in Hospice and Surgical Dermatology.

Even though I had gained a lot of experience working in the hospital, ultimately it made me realize that I was looking for something more. So in 2022, I obtained my Transformative Nurse Coach certification as well as I completed a 200 hour yoga teacher certification. Over time I dove deeply into and gained an understanding of the mind/body connection as well as alternative ways of healing.

In 2023, I moved to Arizona where I discovered An Oasis of Healing. I love working at Oasis because it allows me to work with people in healing not just their physical bodies but it offers methods for healing the mind and soul.

In my free time I love exploring the desert and reading!  I’m also a practicing Reiki Master, helping support others through energetic healing.

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