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Michaela Dolezal RN, BSN

Michaela Dolezal RN, BSN

In 2016, I graduated from University of Nebraska Medical Center with my BSN. From there, I went on to work at a Long Term Acute Care Rehabilitation Hospital for 5 years. I played a vital role in helping patients with traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, strokes, respiratory failure, among several other debilitating conditions/diseases recover to their full potential after such life-altering diagnoses.

I have always wanted to pursue a career in healthcare ever since I was young. I’ve always had an interest in medicine and a passion for helping people, which made nursing the perfect fit for me. Throughout my time working in traditional healthcare, the majority of my patients came in with many co-morbidities as a result of unhealthy diets and lifestyles. In traditional medicine, these co-morbidities are managed through medications. Many of these conditions can be managed through healthy diets and lifestyles, which is what attracted me to natural/alternative treatment where lifestyle changes are promoted and highly encouraged. Our bodies are incredible and when they are healthy, both physically and emotionally, it is amazing what they can accomplish naturally without the assistance of pharmaceutical drugs. I love working at an Oasis of Healing because each and every patient comes in with the willingness to change their diet and lifestyle, which is a challenging task. It is an amazing experience being able to support our patients through this difficult time in their lives and watch all of them support each other so greatly.

I moved to Arizona from Nebraska in June 2021 and love it here. In my free time, I like to travel, camp, hike, and go to concerts.

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