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Alia Al-Alawi RN, BSN

Maya Pomatto, BA Patient Care Coordinator

I graduated from ASU with my bachelor’s degree in Health Science. In school, I developed a significant interest in physiology in order to understand the root cause of what we call “disease”. I studied the metabolic process of cancer and completed a research project investigating alternative approaches to treatment of both epilepsy and cancer.

I am so appreciative to be a part of An Oasis of Healing. By using targeted therapies that exploit the weakness of cancer through our knowledge of physiology while validating the body’s ability to heal itself, it is not only a comprehensive approach, but effective, and does the least amount of harm. I am excited to continue to learn in this field and continue to watch patients transform their lives on their journey of healing and achieving optimal health.

In my free time I enjoy spending time outside exercising with my dog and hanging out with close friends and family.

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