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Laurinda Mordh, RN, BSN

Raising a homeschooled family of six kids to be healthy and productive members of society was my impetus for learning as much as I could about the natural “herbs of the field” that God has provided for us to maintain good health. As my kids left for college, I went back to school and earned my RN, BSN with the intent to help my family and friends pursue healthy practices.  After working in both home health and an Oncology unit at the hospital, the allopathic paradigm of treating symptoms seemed to fall short with what I knew about all the other wonderful things that could be done to support the body to heal. A healthy lifestyle to me means healthy food preparation, exercise, spiritual enrichment (which includes giving back by helping in third world countries) and best of all, spending time with my family which are all over the globe including the States, Europe and Asia. Having the opportunity to work at An Oasis of Healing and to learn so much on a daily basis has been an immeasurable blessing.  I’m so thankful God has given me this opportunity to work with our patients and their families to support health and wellness through natural means.
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