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Deborah Julin

Deborah K. Julin, RN BSN

Hyperthermia Nurse

Once my three children were grown and left home, I began a new career in healthcare. I started as a Certified Nursing Assistant but soon after enrolled in college prerequisites for the nursing program. I completed my Associates in Nursing followed by my Bachelor of Science in Nursing, all while working full time.

I gained valuable experience working as an RN in Medical Surgical units in hospitals in Arizona and California. In 2016, I returned to Arizona and for the next five years, I worked as a Home Health RN Case Manager in post- acute care with hospital patients.

Also in 2016, I lost my husband at the time to cancer. After receiving traditional high dose chemotherapy and radiation treatment for tonsillar cancer, he became septic, was put in ICU, and ended up on dialysis for 2 months. His ongoing complications that followed treatment, including chronic pain did not leave him with a very good quality of life. This experienced opened my eyes to the fact that there had to be another way to deal with cancer. It convinced me that alternative treatments were more in alignment with my beliefs for dealing with diseases such as cancer.

Now, I have a passion for cancer treatment alternatives because working at An Oasis of Healing, I get to see patients improve and not have to endure such suffering while undergoing all the holistic treatments we offer. Also, how we emphasis healing not just the body, but mind, and spirit as well. This allows me to have clear intentions as I work alongside our patients in their healing journey.

My personal interests include growing fresh vegetables in raised beds, preparing meals from scratch with fresh ingredients, sewing, and volunteering weekly at Mercy Hill food distribution center in Downtown Phoenix.