A Day at An Oasis of Healing

boost your immune system

8:00AM: Class: Food Prep/Nutrition & Lifestyle

Organic plant based breakfast served

Organic Fresh Pressed Green Vegetable Juices

Ginger & Green Tea available daily

Holistic Cancer Treatment Centers
intravenous therapies

8-9:30 AM: IV Therapies Start

9:30-4:30 PM: Enhancement Therapies Such as Local Hyperthermia, Lymphatic Drainage Therapy, Colon Hydrotherapy, Acupuncture, and Counseling

12:30 PM: Organic Plant Based Lunch

aoh jan

Enhancement Therapies Including PEMF, Far-infrared Sauna, BEMER, and EWOT

2:00 PM: Class: Nutrition Education or Movement & Breathing Class

Fresh Organic Wheat Grass Juice & Organic Plant Based Dinner to Take Home

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