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Alternative Cancer Treatment Center in USA

Having been diagnosed with cancer is like no other experience. It immediately scrambles our thoughts and dismantles our dreams and previous agendas. Our hearts and minds are lit with a burning and all encompassing fear. This occurs not because of the nature of cancer but rather is a consequence of a complete misunderstanding and lack of knowledge regarding biology, health and “disease”.

It is essential to understand that our bodies function according to biological laws and are not arbitrary or doomed.  Just as certain as a finger will heal, if cut with a knife, so can our bodies heal from cancer.  Our aim is not only to treat the cancer, but to change the biochemistry of your body to a state of health and well being so the cancer will no longer flourish.

Over 20 Years Of Specializing In Treatment Alternatives For Cancer

What sets An Oasis of Healing apart from other centers is that we focus on providing you with this knowledge, to gain the understanding, the tools, and the direct experience, therefore the power to heal. When you understand how your body functions, how your brain and body are an organism functioning in unison, and how your mind and body have developed to the state it is today, then you can begin the process of healing, changing and transforming from a state of dis-ease to a state of vitality.

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At first glance the causes of cancer seem daunting. It appears that cancer can be caused by an almost unlimited number of carcinogens (cancer causing substances) in the environment as well genetic predispositions (weaknesses).



Cancer cells, unlike other cells in human beings are anaerobic. That means they can not use oxygen when they metabolize glucose (burn sugar) for energy. A healthy, oxygen burning cell can produce 38 ATPs (energy pack…



The immune system consists of organs, such as the spleen; glands; specialized tissues embedded in organs; lymph nodes; and cells found in the blood, connective tissue, and the extracellular fluid. The extracellular fluid (or matrix) …



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The natural and alternative intravenous therapies we may use in your comprehensive cancer care program include: 

  • Other intravenous therapies including a multitude of antioxidants, botanicals, pharmaceuticals and nutritional products designed specifically for individual needs.

Holistic Cancer Treatments

Other key components of our comprehensive cancer care program include the following types of holistic cancer treatments to provide the body with the support needed to heal, repair & recover, in other words to replace abnormal cells with healthy new cells:


Cleansing and Detoxification 

Lifestyle Changes

  • Adequate sleep, rest and relaxation
  • Regular exercise and body conditioning
  • Self-education
  • Stress reduction & psycho-spiritual strengthening
  • Psychological Counseling
  • Personal and Environmental Hygiene

Here at An Oasis Of Healing, a trusted Arizona cancer center, we integrate scientifically proven, advanced alternative cancer treatments that work naturally with the body with very positive results. The foundation of what our clinic works from involves many integrative healing modalities and alternative cancer therapies and treatments based on a deep respect for nature. Many of our patients who come see us have the same type of cancer, however, all of them have certain requirements and as a result, we develop a customized and unique plan of care for each person.

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