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The last couple of years have brought us many challenges and the last thing we need is adding more “challenges” to that list. That is why we compiled a list of easy, very simple, health tips for the starting year. 

Many times, New Year’s resolutions just add stress to our already stressful lives. That’s because they become one more thing we “have to do”, instead of something we do with pleasure. Moreover, and more often than not, they also become one more thing we do not accomplish. That happens for many reasons, most of them very reasonable and obvious, like the fact that what we want to accomplish requires a complete lifestyle change, and not just a few temporary measures. But we are not here to discuss how New Year’s resolutions do not work, but why we wanted to give you a very simple list of health tips. Because when we do not achieve our New year’s goals we often fall in the blame – guilt – shame game, which is not helpful and most certainly won’t help us achieve anything.

Therefore, this year we decided to just let you know things that you probably already find pleasure in doing and may not know they are good for you. Things you can indulge on without feeling guilty. Things that come easy, make you happy and smile.

Let’s get to it!

7 simple health tips

1.  Sleep more/ better

We cannot highlight enough how sleep is important for your health. It may seem like a waste of time for some people, who boast about not needing it; however, research has shown it is definitely not a waste of time, and it can help you stay healthy, heal, and even increase your longevity. Actually, not having proper sleep is probably the number one cause for many conditions and the one thing that, if you are deprived of for too long or continuously, will quickly lead to many health complications.

Everyone has different sleep habits, patterns, and needs, so do not try to fit “your sleep” into a box. You have probably felt the effects of a good night sleep in those perfect mornings when you wake up refreshed, revitalized, energized, basically like a new you, ready to face the day and its many challenges. That is what we are looking for.

Pay attention to which factors affect your sleep, for better or worse. Negative patterns might be too much social media before bed, stress from work, or eating too much or too late. Positive habits might be a chamomile tea a couple of hours before bed, a good conversation with a friend at dinner or a good book. Whatever it is, notice it, try to avoid the detrimental habits and try to enjoy more often the beneficial ones.

We just want you to have an amazing sleep, and that is completely unique for you, so get to know your sleep, because sleeping like a pro is our number one suggestion for great health.

2.  Get more sunlight 

We live pretty much artificial lives. We live in boxes, drive inside boxes, eat from boxes… you get the idea. What this leads too is lack of exposure to sunlight, and consequently low vitamin D production, and too much exposure to artificial light, negatively affecting melatonin production, both leading to negative health consequences, like chronic disease.  

A better idea is to spend more time outside and get more natural light from the sun, which besides triggering vitamin D production, is also one of the bigger electron donors you can expose yourself to.   Meaning the sun gives you energy essential for life and healing.

Almost everyone enjoys being outside in the sun, now it is time to make it part of your routine. Something you love can become plus something that is healthy. For example, do you love playing with your children or dog, reading a book, journaling? Take it outside, do it in the sun, and it becomes a superpower!

Sunrises, sunsets, sun at its peak. They are all important. Learn to reconnect with your sun clock.

3.  Walk barefooted in nature

Another great source of natural free flowing electrons is the planet Earth. But to absorb them we need to be barefooted on a conductive surface, like grass, sand, or dirt. It is what all other animals do and what our kids would do if we allowed them to. Playing outside, exposed to the elements, to dirt and animals, can be one of the best natural ways to enhance our immune system.  Especially if it has been done since an early age. 

However, many humans seem to believe that we live in a sterile bubble, where no virus, bacteria, fungi, or other living organisms should enter. Surprise! The human body is composed of more bacteria and other microorganisms than human cells. We have to embrace that reality and reclaim our birthplace in nature.

It cannot be that hard to just do what we were meant to do. This year try to spend more time in nature, to walk barefooted and play outdoors, explore your natural side, and have some fun.

4.  Move your body

We keep going to the same topics, but the truth is that movement is very important, and we cannot highlight it enough. We are not talking about going to a gym or following online classes, although that is great too. We are just talking about natural movement. From getting up in the morning and naturally stretching your body, to walking to work or to an appointment, and instead of avoiding them, taking the stairs when there are stairs.

We just told you to spend more time outside, while you are at it, just move! Walk, run, play… get your body moving, it is its natural design and essential for health. Go with friends, with your kids or pet. They will surely want you to move more and enjoy running or playing around with you.

5.  Be present

Through meditation, breathing, contemplation, mindfulness. You can choose whatever method suits you. The important part is to try to stop the constant chatter of the mind and be present in the moment.

Again, this should not feel like a chore. If you like sitting quietly, just be present while you do so, instead of always reaching for your smart device or a new distraction. If your thing is journaling, do it with total awareness. Whether it is breathing, listening to the wind, watching the waves of the ocean, walking in the grass or gardening. 

It does not matter what you choose to do to bring you back to the present moment, just try to be aware of those small moments of total awareness, total presence.

6.  Love more

Love yourself and others and show it. Love can be so healing, why are we constantly afraid of showing it? Or why are we so afraid of enjoying the moment and just being happy? Or are we focused on our fear of the next moment when that happiness may vanish?

Happiness and sadness are experiences of the human mind based on our perceptions of reality. They vary from person to person. A happy moment for me might be very sad for you, or what makes me happy now, may make me sad later. Happiness is an experience, learn to enjoy it, instead of trying to hold on to it. Do things that make you happy, but don’t hide from sadness. 

Love more. Live and express yourself fully, knowing that your love won’t end if you share it more often. Schedule time in your week for self-care, doing something that is pleasurable, like a massage or going out with friends. Surprise your loved ones with a simple gift, words or gesture expressing your love.  Find your love for life and do what you love more often. 

7.  LOL

Laugh Out Loud. Literally, laughing can be the best medicine. Whether you are suffering from a physical or mental ailment, laughing can help you recover and get well faster.

It is not hard, is it? To laugh?

It may seem easy at first, but in a world where we are constantly bombarded with unpleasant news and fear, it can quickly become very hard to laugh. Which makes it even more important! Essential also is to spend time with friends, kids, or pets, they always seem to know how to improve our mood and make us have a good laugh!

If those are not available, you can watch a funny movie or show or a stand-up comedy routine.

Be creative and LOL.

This is our list for now. We made it real simple, so now it is up to you to take the time to enjoy these simple things in life.

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