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5 things to help you achieve good health

5 Things To Help You Achieve Good Health

Here are the 5 things to help you achieve good health!

There are actually more than just 5 things to help you achieve good health, however if you do these top 5 things, it will start you on your way to achieving all of the rest.

Let’s start with number one, think about your body as a lengthy 30 foot long tube. It starts with the mouth and ends with the rectum. If you take care of this tube, you will live a long time and live vibrantly where conversely, if you do not take care of this tube and you neglect it, you will have to deal with health issues.

Now, this tube had two ends, what goes into the tube and also what comes out of it. You need to keep the circulation going and keep things flowing. If you do not have a sufficient amount leaving your tube or the body, it’s reallying going to back up as well as cause all kinds of troubles that you cannot even think of.

You need to bear in mind the quantity you place in the 30 foot tube and also the frequency of what you consume plays a very important role. If you are eating quality whole foods and you are living right, it turns out you don’t have to stress over or worry about these problems that occur as a result of neglect and poor eating habits.  Another benefit is you don’t get hungry when you eat quality nutrition.

Below are the leading 5 things to help you achieve good health;

  1. Eating— eat as near to a raw vegan diet regimen as you possibly can. This means eating raw veggies, seeds, nuts and fruits that have not been processed or cooked. Try to preserve at the very least 80% raw vegan and 20% cooked foods. Sticking to this will help ensure you have tremendous colon health.
  2. Going the bathroom regularly and consistently – this obviously starts with eating right but in addition to eating right also using colonics for cleansing. Start with a collection of 18 colonics, 2 a week for 9 weeks. Then go with one a month or one every couple of weeks for several months eventually leading to one a month for maintenance.
  3. Rest – it is essential to go to bed early, 8-8:30 pm is a good time to go to bed then get up early, 4-5am the next morning. This is prime time for sleep as it is in line with nature and will be a tremendous boost to your health overall.
  4. Your Mind – get control of your mind with reflection– our mind is our friend and can also be our worst adversary. You get control of it by learning the best ways to turn it off for a while through the process of meditation.
  5. Exercise— getting your body moving daily is so essential to your overall good health. A body in motion stays in motion and keeps everything flowing as it should be. A body at rest will contribute to certain processes that start to shut down and again, this will lead to health issues.

Watch Dr. Lodi explain the 5 things to help you achieve good health here in detail