2nd Opinion Regarding a Cancer Diagnosis

Do we need a 2nd opinion on a cancer diagnosis? What does a second opinion really mean?

When we are looking for a 2nd opinion on a cancer diagnosis, we are looking for another perspective approach. Right?

However, if we go to the ‘same’ traditional medical doctor, they studied the same materials, practiced the same way, or similar way….and their perspective will be very close to the one you just received.

If you are looking for a different view on what cancer is, how did it come about and what are the necessary steps to eliminate it, ask for a 2nd opinion from an alternative doctor, an you will get a different approach.

What is the solution?

Get a couple opinions from a traditional doctor and also get a couple opinions from an alternative, integrative medicine practitioner, and you can make your decision easier, as you will have different options for treatments.

And make sure that you will not only do the treatments, but also be interested in changing your life or lifestyle, so that you can stop making cancer altogether.