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  1. I just listened to an interview of Dr. Lodi with Lisa Wilson,. They said that I could get a free report on how to stop making cancer Can you send it to me?




  2. Dear Dr Lodi
    I just listened to you talk about preventing cancer or if you have it what to do! I was diagnosed with lobular and ductal breast cancer estrogen positive in Nov . My breast Dr did all the things I should not have done but didn’t know better. I had the surgery in January due to pressure from my children . I refused to see an oncologist . My Dr told me breast cancer would not spread so she clearly she lied to me after books I started reading I found that it can make it worse. . I have changed my diet but maybe not enough. I am scared after listening to you. I want to heal and keep the cancer away. I have been doing green supreme barley pills, Graviola, juicing, high doses of D3 and other things you mentioned .. I am eatiing organic .. I will download your info from yourbi website . I am certain I cannot afford to attend your clinic in Arizona due to quitting a very stressful job going thru a divorce and Just moved to a new place for some peace in my life. I feel I still have a chance to heal my body and my cancer from coming back. With your website I am sure I can recover. My cancer was in early stage and my lymph nodes were clear and my margins all clear as well. I had a test done on my tumor and the chances of it coming back fell in the low scale if I did conventional treatments and tamoxefin for 5 yrs.
    You have given me hope and I am glad thru bill hendersons
    Newsletter I found your interview. If you have any other suggestions for me I would gladly like to hear them. It is good to know there are Dr’s like you out there that get it
    Blessings to you and to good health and healing ..
    Robbie Rose
    Menomonie, WI

  3. I was diag. w HER2neu estrogen receptive reast cancer ed of May.Had double Mas. with reconstruction June 25 Mass.ectomy . Aug.14 reconstrucion.My Dr. want me to o chemo 3-1/2 mo and Herception 8 1/2 mo and the pill 5 yrs. wont do it ,Ive been eating organic sing b.soda to alkaline as well as pills’ 7.8 alkaline H20,I Juice, eat raw alot and ph still stays @6.2.cant get it up.I take lypo speric vit c and cardio c 2-3 tmes a day D3 2000 aday, iodine 3 drops bid, Selenium bid,tumeric formula tid.
    essiac tea w sheep sorrelroot ,Back cumin, organic sulfur. but don’ t have any one to tell me what blood test to get to see if any cancer is in my body. I
    did have a Pet scan prior to surg. and was clear also had a, a.m.a.s. test aug.21 ,12 which was normal, Im In Fl and cant find a Nat. practioner in this area.Any suggestions? I love your sight and am ref. a dear friend to you I think she needs to go to your clinic hope she investicates what you have to offer. thanks and cont. with you wonderful work for us.thank you Drue

  4. just trying to find a cure for my sister that has cancer. I am not giving up on my sister like the Cancer Center of America has. I know natural cures are out there. Can you help me with some natural remindes. I want my sister to live.

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  6. Hello,
    My Mum has been diagnosed with Chronic Myloid Leukaemia and is not wanting to go down the traditional medical oncology route. Do you have waiting lists for people to get treated at Oasis of Healing and do people stay in the establishment or need to find accommodation?
    Warmest regards,
    Chelsea McDonald.

  7. I heard your interview at the cancer summit and you had mentioned that we can avail of the diet and cancer dissolving diet that’s available! Is it a book we can buy? I just got back from AZ for breast cancer treatment and my cancer markers are in normal range, just want to make sure I am doing everything I can for it not come back anymore by providing my body the biological requirement to continue healing!
    Will truly appreciate your assistance!

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