There’s a promising new homeopathic treatment for cancer and it involves salicinium.

You need to understand how cancer cells function in the body in order to comprehend the effect salicinium has to offer.  Healthy cells grow, then divide and eventually die off at the end of their life cycle. However, because they can go into hiding or become invisible to the immune system, cancer cells are able to live indefinitely.

Normal cells receive and obey signals to stop dividing and enter into a process called “apoptosis” or cell death. Conversely, cancer cells can side step and ignore these programmed cell death signals which the body utilizes to eliminate unneeded cells.

As powerful as the immune system is, cancer cells can often evade its natural defenses. Cancer cells can also get around special cells designed to eliminate them as well as network of organs and tissues that protect the human body from bacteria, pathogens and infections.

That’s what makes cancer tough to beat when it comes to conventional treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation. However, alternative cancer treatments such as salicinium turn the tables on cancer and hiding is no longer an option.

Salicinium halts Nagalase production and concurrently stimulates innate immune cells.

The physicians who are supporting the use of salicinium say that it destroys the “invisible cloaking” mechanism that cancer cells use to their benefit in order to escape the immune system. Being that it’s a plant based natural extract, salicinium; a complexed sugar molecule is harmless to normal healthy cells because a “complex glycome” can’t be absorbed.  This extract is a complexed molecule and not a “free” glucose; therefore, there is no impact on a person’s blood sugar levels.

This is incredibly important because cancer cells have receptors that will incorrectly identify the existence of this molecule as a fuel source or what it feeds on, sugar.

When this special molecule gets inside the cancer cell a particular enzyme splits and a part of it named the benzaldyhide ring goes to work. The work done by this ring in the cancer cell inhibits the energy production pathway.

Nagalase is an enzyme produced by all cancer cells. The nagalase enzyme prohibits the ability of specific immune cells to identify abnormal cells and eradicate them. Unfortunately, this gives the cancer cells a level of protection from the immune system.  Fortunately, salicinium halts Nagalase production and concurrently stimulates innate immune cells.

Salicinium is the complete opposite of chemotherapy and does no harm to normal cells. It may be used in combination with low dose chemo or insulin potentiation therapy (IPT), where only 10 to 15 percent of the typical dose of chemotherapy is administered. We use salicinium as an intravenous treatment as part of our comprehensive cancer care program.

This wonderful treatment is relatively new and was patented in 2011.  It hasn’t gone through rigorous scientific study at this time, however, the doctors who use salicinium report incredible results.