Yoga For Cancer Recovery & Meditation Cancer Treatment

Yoga focuses on the union of mind, body and spirit through physical postures (poses), breath-work and meditation. The goal is to calm the mind and the body while rejuvenating the spirit and increasing life force energy.

Yoga has many different benefits, in a variety of patients it has been able to help with anxiety, depression, relaxation, sleep, body aches and much more. Cancer and the treatment of cancer can cause a great deal of stress on a person; doing yoga for cancer recvoery can be used to help alleviate some of the psychological and physical symptoms.

The breathing exercises taught in yoga can help patients focus their energy on something other than their illness. It helps to clear their mind which in turn lowers their stress.

Studies have shown that practicing yoga and meditation can help to slow down and in some cases even help to stop the growth of cancer.

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  1. I have been doing hatayoga for 20years since I was 19 years old In 2004 got diagnose with CLL chronic lymphasitic leukemia I’m and have being in great shape medical people put me trough 2 cycle of chemotherapy 2007 and 2011 still manage to stay in shape if I don’t go to chemotherapy and let my white cell go over 300% the range would I really die if I catch a infection ??????

  2. Dr Lodi, the combination of your therapies are among the best I’ve seen in th US and Europe too.
    Incorporating plant based living foods (or raw foods) is so vital to get the body back to health and no many, if any, doctors do this.

    Yoga, weather exercises (hatayoga) or meditation are also so important to help the body heal it self.

    Thank for being compassionate with your patients!


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