Enhancing The Immune System

enhancing the immune systemEnhancing the immune system is imperative for one’s health when it comes to cancer.

The immune system consists of organs, such as the spleen; glands; specialized tissues embedded in organs; lymph nodes; and cells found in the blood, connective tissue, and the extracellular fluid.  The extracellular fluid (or matrix) is the medium in which all cells have their existence as schools of fish in an aquarium to produce a synchronized, divinely harmonic effect.

Immune function is referred to as a system, because immunity is the concerted effort of a myriad of tissues throughout the body with the unified, singular goal of protecting the entire organism, like instruments in an orchestra harmonizing perfectly to produce the symphony called life conducted by the intelligence, which permeates the universe, God.

This cascade of responses, which begins in the mouth and extends throughout the body with the ultimate consequence of producing specialized cells (natural killer cells, T-cells, and B-cells), whose function is to locate and eliminate foreign substances whether they be chemicals or organisms or dead cells or defective cells.

In fact, the immune system has two broad functions:

(1) the department of defense, and

(2) the department of maintenance

If the maintenance requirements become extensive, very little resources remain for defense.  This is why some people develop tumors while others destroy cancerous cells soon after they emerge out of the toxic environment in which the normal cells are attempting to function.

There are critical nutrients that are missing from our foods that should be in abundance and it is the lack of these nutrients that tip the balance to a weakened and dysfunctional immune systems. We need to take care of ourselves by attending to our body (temple); the air we breathe, the water we drink, sunshine exposure, rest, exercise, relationships, spirituality, and organs/systems of elimination such as the lymphatics, kidneys, and bowels, and last, but not least, nutrition.

The most obvious place to begin our focus is on nutrition, not because it is more important but because the biochemical consequences of proper nutrition enhance the motivation and ability to attend to the other causes of impaired immunity just identified.

It is imperative that we focus on our biological design not “disease”.

Drugs (pharmaceuticals) override normal immune processes and, hence the problem is hidden, not resolved.  Disconnecting the fuel tank indicator light, only allows us to continue driving without concern until we run out of gas.

Immune System Enhancers

Below is a list of natural treatments that we use to help you Stop Making Cancer.

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