More Than Just IPT

Insulin potentiation therapy (IPT or IPTLD) is extremely effective in targeting cancer cells in the body but is not sufficient to achieve complete and prolonged resolution of cancer by itself.  This is because even though IPT/IPTLD is low dose and targeted, making it almost free of side effects, it is still just a means of eliminating what cancer currently exists in the body. It does not prevent it from merely continuing to be produced or reoccurring.

If one does not modify their own internal biochemistry so that cancer is not a required process by the body, which is always in the process of achieving and maintaining homeostasis (healthy balance), then it will continue to be produced.  And if one does not rebalance and stimulate their own immune function, the body will not be able to block and/or halt this and other pathological processes.

Therefore, all three approaches must simultaneously utilized in order to insure lasting resolution of the problem:

1)     Stop Making Cancer

2)     Target and Eliminate Existing Cancer with minimal collateral damage

3)     Rebalance and Enhance the Immune System

This triangulated approach is not only the most rational approach, but is the only one that should be undertaken when dealing with a potentially life threatening condition.  This is well known, intuitively, by anyone who has ever had cancer or anyone who has ever thoroughly and critically analyzed the problem and its’ resolution.  It is really just, “common sense” or should be “common sense”.

Cancer evolves out a biochemistry which is hypoxic (low oxygen) and acidic with low antioxidant potential therefore, one must consciously change these conditions of the body so that there exists open, flowing, well oxygenated blood to all tissues delivering not only oxygen rich blood, but in an alkaline condition with highly bioactive antioxidants ready to quench any and all free radicals (products of oxidation), which tend to produce cellular damage, including cellular mutations.

Finally, the healthy blood coursing through the tissues must contain all the appropriate raw materials necessary to rebuild, old worn out cells at a rate of about 50,000,000 per hour.  This blood needs to contain balanced and adequate levels of cellular products such as hormones, carrier and other proteins used in almost all life stabilizing processes such as clotting proteins and clot dissolution proteins and many other substances, too numerous to mention.

Obviously, the blood contains only that which is allowed entrance into the body through the mouth, lungs, and skin with its’ concomitant, continual release of cellular waste products from the ECF, the “sea” that provides the immediate environment for all cells through diffusion into the capillary beds leading to the venous system which provides transport back through the right side of the heart in order to again, exchange gases with the ambient atmosphere through the lungs.  If waste products and poisons are not completely eliminated every day, they continue to both accumulate and circulate hence are repeatedly introduced into the extracellular fluid (ECF), This fluid is that which constitutes the cellular environment hence cells are either able to utilize its’ constituents or must protect themselves from these constituents if they are unusable or poisonous.  If the fluid contains unusable substances, they must be eliminated completely and quickly in order to prevent them from producing cellular harm.  If the fluid contains outright poisons, the same is true. Cells, then are always responding to their immediate environment ECF (extra cellular fluid) to either maintain healthy cellular/organ function or defense from the accumulated poisons in the thick, sluggish ECF..  Once defensive processes are required to maintain viability, then organ cellular and organ function are diminished and the consequent organ degeneration occurs with an imbalanced physiology.

The function of veins is to drain tissue beds of deoxygenated blood  (oxygen just having been transferred and utilized), cellular waste products, three of which are carbon dioxide, lactic acid, and cellular debris and cellular products, i.e., hormones, enzymes, proteins, cytokines, interleukens, paracrine and autocrine secretions, growth factors and much more.

If the veins fail to drain the extracellular fluid completely, again, the unusable, poisons and waste products re-circulate.  It is only those materials that are necessary for repair of older and/or damaged new cells, replacement of irreparably damaged cells and cellular products required for healthy cellular function that are useful and need to circulate and recirculate, repeatedly.

Maintaining a clean ECF precludes the need for the production of defensive products and actions and allows for optimal functioning of cells and tissues, hence optimally functioning organs and the entire organism achieves a state of health, for which it was suited for by Nature.  Clearly then, elimination of waste and other harmful substances is equally as important to the health of the organism as what is introduced into the organism.

In as much as we all live in a sea of toxins, continual and effective elimination is   essential in achieving and maintaining health.  In the modern scenario where poisonous airborne particulates breach the skin, are inhaled and swallowed, and chemically altered, genetically modified, processed and then heated (lifeless) “food” is purposely ingested, combined with the fact that we ‘swim’ in an intangible “sea” of electromagnetic fields which alter our electromagnetic congruence (with hitherto unknown medium ad long term effects), it is abundantly clear that continual, effective elimination becomes even more critical than it has ever been in the known history of mankind.

Finally, this modern scenario also finds the human condition to be one of increasing inactivity, due to mans’ intimate relationship with his mental progeny, machines; the continual artificial and unnecessary stresses of making ‘dead lines’, breaking a finger nail before a party, concerning oneself with the intimacies of celebrities, and striving to become something other than what one is, as is the implicit message in all advertising and ‘celebrity consciousness’.  The human that emerges from this environment is no longer an earthling but rather a highbred mutant capable of survival only in specific artificial conditions while becoming and remaining a compete stranger in the forest or jungle, our home (niche).

These circumstances produce human beings in which health becomes almost unattainable, especially when one considers that all of the of the aforementioned is combined with inadequate rest and sleep, lack of sun exposure, and a reverence for the new “religion” science. Science, born of atheism and ignorance, is quite the opposite of the eternal Truth of God; for science is in perpetual change making all that is new, quickly old and irrelevant resulting in continual angst  (“stress”) instead of living securely in a world which has always been and requires nothing more than learning and apprenticing to the wise in order to become appropriately useful in a role worthy of their birth and life upon this earth.


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  1. I’m currently sussing out the alternative cancer clinic options. Do you tailor your treatments according to the individuals and their specific cancers? I have met. breast cancer, stage 3 or 4, not quite certain until more tests are done. I did chemo several years ago that did not work and since then have found that most chemotherapy concoctions do not work on estrogen positive bc. Do you use IPT on estrogen positive bcs? If so, are you using the same chemical formulas as the standard chemotherapy treatments> If so, do they work? What is your success rate with met. bc?

    1. Thank you for your enquire …..

      We work all the time with advanced stages of cancer, especially breast cancer, which seems to be in pandemic proportions.

      Your questions are very good and rather than type it all out, it would be better if we could talk by phone.

      But, yes everyone is individualized to the extent that it is necessary but that which is necessary for the restoration of health is the same for all of us…we all have the same biochemical requirements regarding what we eat, drink, eliminate, sleep, exercise, prayer and/or meditation and loving, supportive, and honest relationships.

      It is the interventions, such as what goes into the IV formulas that vary and I think that is what you are referring to…and there are several ways that we evaluate those individual needs.

      Please arrange a time to call and speak with me…I will have time today.

  2. Dr Lodi Thank you for your call back to me. It has been difficult getting you on the phone on your returned call in to me. please call me again if at all humanly possible as ive tried three time and it constantly busy – i just completed 8 rounds of chemo – i had IDC stage 2B-grade 3 -micro metasis-and i need to change my entire life and get guidance and figure out what inside me is off and get testing and continual care for it as well as get back too exercise – Im clueless how to begin and get help – i live in PA and if u work out of NY i can get there – please lmk as arizona is not an affordable option right now though id love it – ill try again tomorrow 267-226-0053 Karen Vasquez

  3. Hi Dr. Lodi,
    Please help me. I was diagnosed with a stage 1 breast cancer 2 months ago thru a needle biopsy. My doctor said I need a lumpectomy + 6 weeks radiation+ 5 yrs of oral arimedex. I refused to go thru any of these modalities but instead I adopted the Hallelujah Diet which is a plant based diet plus every hour drinking of 6 – 80z of fresh vegetable juices(2/3 carrot,1/3 greens) and 6- 8oz of Barley Max. I’m in it for almost 2 months now but I don’t have a guidance on how I am doing, if I need more than these and how I can be sure if I am getting healed. I found out about you thru the DVD I bought at HA. Please help me get healed. What do you think I should do more? Thank you.

  4. Dr. Lodi
    I was recently diagnosed with squamous cell cancer of the base of the tonuge
    floor of mouth and do not want to undergo extensive cutting and radiation. The only cutting I will take, if I have to, is laser surgery. I am trying to sort through the myriad of alt. tx options
    and thought maybe IPT along with supplements and starting accupuncture again ( I was doind accupunture fairly regular last year) to detox and support my body would be helpful. I found a doctor in Tampa, FL that offers IPT, but he does not take health insurance. Can you suggest anyone in the Central or North Florida area that does take insurance and does IPT or similar.
    Thanks so much.

    (BTW I don’t smoke or do the other stuff, never have, that “they” say usually causes cancer. Ia m only 45 with a 6 year old son. Thanks again!

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